How to quiet your mind when you feel like it has a 24 hour open for business sign

Girls weekend getaway. When was the last time I went away with just the girls? Let’s just say it’s been a long time.

allthingsgoodandwise, open 24 hours

What do you do at a girls weekend getaway? I know some of us will sleep. Some of us will read. I am not sure what I will do but I will enjoy my time to just relax and not have to care for anyone but myself. That sounds so relaxing, since I just came back from a trip to where I took care of my mom and when I am not helping her I am taking care of my dog, my house, my yard, my car, my husband, my business, my kitchen, my blog, my son and so much more.

I guess I will do some reading and sleeping. But mostly I want to clear my mind and let it rest. To unclutter from all of the needs and wants of the world and focus on being at peace with my creator. It will be a tricky task because I seldom slow down. I am a major go getter type A person. I stay super occupied and fill my days with purposeful things, but I need to unplug. I don’t need to unplug from electronics but from the shooting arrows of my own mind. I need to quite my mind and let it rest. I need to put my mind on bed rest.

Don’t think

Don’t worry

Don’t fret

Don’t over plan

Don’t contemplate

Just rest. I need to let my thoughts focus on the beauty of nature. The simplicity of life.

I will plan to re-focus when my mind tries to worry.

I will meditate on my favorite verses.

I will notice the simple things around me like nature and goodness.

I will lie in sleep with prayers and peace on my lips.

If you had a weekend getaway how would you spend your time?

I ask for more

I am a mom of one boy. When he was born I asked everyone if he was ok? I mean he did some strange things. Stuff that his much older sister never did, I thought the kid had a problem. Turned out that he was just a boy. I love my boy. He is funny, courageous, tender, and wise. “For unto whomever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”  I ask more of this young man.


He walked one day and the next he ran. He held a ball in his hands one day and the next day he dribbled (at 18 mos) it, he was taught how to make a paper airplane and the next day there were twenty flying through the air. He can do a lot of things well. And so as his mother, I ask more of him.

How does that look when we are rushing around our home getting ready or driving to a soccer game? It looks like this.

Who is the saddest person in your class? What could someone do to help?

Will you read me my devotional to me while I drive please?

Why do you think people become bullies?

How can I pray for you today?

How are you going to use your talents today?

What nice thing did you say to someone today?

It’s the simple questions that activates a dialogue that bring about deep discussions. And these discussions bring MORE. More of what we should be doing in our world. Being that one person to make someone smile. Reaching out to someone who might be hurting so badly that they hurt others. It’s being the young man with integrity, who seeks a higher calling. No one is perfect, so I cannot impose an enormous task of being all things to all people. However, we can reach for a greater purpose and a better world. Here is a great article to warm your heart. What questions will you ask today to stir up MORE of what our world needs?


Surfing on a Vision board

What’s a vision board? It’s a simple yet powerful visualization tool. It’s a place to start a dream. It could very well activate the universal law of attraction. A vision board begins manifesting your dreams into reality. While I am not quite sold on the whole idea of the universal law of attraction I find it fascinating and take what I need.


Vision Board brentwood life coach


What does a vision board look like? How do I make one?(Obviously, the above picture is not a vision board, but it was all I could find.)

You’ll need a surface ( foam board, canvas board or poster board)
Glue(rubber cement works well or decoupage )
And a vision.

You can get started by asking yourself these questions.

1.) If money, other people’s opinions and judgments, were not factors, what would you do, be, and have?

2.) What beliefs or dreams would you want to see in your life?

3.) What would you have to believe in order to be, do, and have these things?

Answering some of these questions might help get you started on what will go on your vision board. I also like to break my vision board into sections like





Family life


Personal accomplishments

You many not want to include all of these on your board but these are a few topics to get you started. Once you make your collage of hopes, dreams and aspirations display your board where you can see it everyday. Set your mind on what you want to accomplish and work towards getting there.

I will be gathering with some friends to make my new vision board for the year. Have a vision board party and invite some friends over to make their own boards.




What foods say winter to you?

When the temps drop into the low 20’s and 30’s I get the urge to hang out in my warm kitchen and cook. And boy when I do, I usually end up with enough food to feed a small army. I love sharing my food with neighbors and friends. I love packing up a meal and surprising them with some food they didn’t have to cook.



Corine’s lentil soup


Winter calls for soups and hearty meals. One of my favorites is lentil soup. I love this recipe. It is simple and packed with healthy veggies.


Corine’s Lentil Soup

1 lb Italian sausage (or you can use sliced Kielbasa)

2 Tbs olive oil

clove of garlic, minced

1 onion, chopped

4 celery stalks, sliced

3 carrots, peeled and sliced

6 cups chicken or veggie stock

2 cups of lentils

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp parsley

salt and pepper (add right before you serve it)

In a small skillet briefly sauté onions and garlic and olive oil. Add meat and brown, add rest of ingredients and add in pot bring lentils and water to boil reduce heat to medium.

Cover and simmer for 1 hour or until lentils and veggies have cooked. Add more broth if necessary for desired consistency. Sometimes (like today) it turns out more like a stew or just lentils. But all you do is add a little bit more chicken broth to make it more soup-y. You could also puree about 1 cup of the soup and add back to pot to give it a thicker soup.

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and serve with bread sticks and/or a big salad.

Serve 6

Enjoy and stay warm.

New Year’s Resolutions, Don’t Bother

Don’t make any New Year Resolutions until you read this.

So many of us make New Year Resolutions and have great intentions to complete our goals and dreams. A resolution is only as good as the resolve, because when the inspiration dies down and old habits return the resolution reaches a point of dissolution.

Brentwood Life Coach

Make a Revolution

Create a plan of action with steps and ways to succeed. A coach can help you do just that. Have you been saying yes to a lot of things that were not a “HECK YES I wanna do that”? Have you been saying no to things that you knew you were really meant to do? It’s time for a revolution.

4 Steps to succeed in your Revolution

1. Set a Target- Ask yourself if; “Is my goal practical?”, “Is it part of my overall life plan?”


2. Steps to Succeed  & Achieve Ask yourself; “What do I have to do and what will I need in order to achieve my goal?” Plan out your actions steps.


3. Time Frame We all work best with a deadline. Set yourself time limits to fulfill your steps in number 2


4. Make Yourself Accountable This is where a coach comes in. Hire a coach to report your progress to and to do follow ups. A coach will encourage and motivate you to continue the Revolution. Declare it publicly. What we pay attention to grows and thrives. This is what makes goal setting, declarations and resolutions a sound strategy.


Pit falls to avoid

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will only set the behavior and attitude change will come from within. For real change to occur in any area of your life or business you MUST actively interrupt your current environment. The bigger the goal or intention, the larger the disruption.

Don’t under-estimate small environment changes. The simplest of changes can make all the difference.

People in your business or life are the biggest structure to re-train, dismantle or get support from. You cannot design an environment that is conducive to your growth without including others.


Start today 

Plan for a New Year Revolution, not a New Year Resolution!

If you are interested in working with a coach to help you get where you want to be in 2015, please fill out the form below and set up a free inquiry call with Brentwood Life Coach.

All that is Christmas

This Christmas has been a memorable season and I don’t want it to end. I found myself trying to squeeze every last drop of all that is Christmas this year. Sacred things like the manger, family time, holy nights of Advent, our adornments tree, special readings, church, friends, nativity scenes, lights, the Christmas story, the gift of giving and other holy things. I just want it all to last longer this year.

All Things Holy

All Things Holy


I cannot tell you why except that a few women have opened my eyes to see things from a different perspective this christmas season. Ann Voskamp with her book Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, Sarah Young with Jesus Calling devotion books, my friend Cassandra with her guest blog post about the Manger, and The Nesting Place, a book about our homes. These and a few other readings have given me a different perspective that I wish to carry with me throughout the year.


The Christmas spirit doesn’t have to end on the 26th, it can carry on all year-long. I want more this year. I want to take it to a different level of depth this year. Can Christmas melt into my heart this year? Can I keep these perspectives with me as the winter’s nights turn into late summer evenings? I want to remember the manger on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I want the images of the nativity scene to burn in my soul. Can every night be O’ Holy Night? Tell me true. I want to remember to worship the son of man who was born of a virgin.

I will do my best to ponder these things in my heart and hold them close. Will you join me?

How our family spreads good cheer during Christmas

Christmas is not about us getting gifts or sending cards. It isn’t about going to the mall and shopping till we drop. IT IS about sharing the Christmas story with others and spreading good cheer. So how do we spread good cheer?


Christmas Cheer, Star in the East, Baby Jesus, Wise men


We make small star ornaments and hand them out to random people. Usually we hand them out when we run through the drive thru at a fast food or library, post office, bank. They are usually surprised that we are not giving them something other than our order, books, mail or checks. They usually get a huge smiles and thank us. Many times we give an ornament to  someone from another country. Being that they are new to our country and unfamiliar with our customs and celebrations, we usually stop and explain the gift. This really makes an impact on them and they are so excited to participate in our customs. Imagine bigger smiles on sweet faces.

Being that our Christmas tradition is about sharing the good news of baby Jesus being born we attach a bible verse to our ornament. Matthew 2:2 says “We saw his STAR in the east and have come to worship him.” This is what the wise men said upon reaching the child many years ago.

These ornaments have evolved every year as my kids have gotten older. When they were younger we made them out of paper mache, we’ve made them out of painted wood and one year out of foam star shapes with glitter. As they have gotten older we have purchased the stars ornaments at a craft store and attached the bible verses. It’s the act that counts so, if you don’t have time to make a crafty star then just buy a pre made ornament and go with it.

This has brought our family so much joy and I love that my kids understand that it isn’t all about them.