Forget about the Dress

Yes, I got sucked into the whole what color is the dress thing too. Who cares? I do, I am fascinated as to why people saw colors that I didn’t see. However, I did take a break and then saw exactly what they saw. Two totally different colors! I couldn’t believe it. Was it their convincing comments or was it my mind just “going there”? Is that why I was able to see two different colors in that dress?


I enjoyed reading this article but it didn’t quite hit the nail on the head for me.  I think because aside from what color the dress really is, I found myself discussing something trivial with my family, friends and seems like the whole world. Sometime we need to shoot the breeze about nothingness. Sometimes it’s not about the problem but the fact that you have opened up a line of communication between two human beings. There were looks, there were smiles, there were surprised huffs, there were stares and there was communication. We were all trying our cases. I loved it.

As I sat and watched my kids, my husband and everyone else discuss the color of said dress, I was overjoyed at the fact that we were all connecting.

So, I soon forgot about the dress and just enjoyed the ride.

5 Tips to Goal Setting

Many times I get asked to explain how to set goals and keep them. So I thought I would share some tips with you. Goals are set when you wish to reach for something is important to you. If it is not important then you don’t give it much thought. You may want to quit smoking or quit a bad habit because you know it is wrong or harmful.

Brentwood Life Coach

Goal setting helps you take control of your life’s direction. It gives you a measuring stick for determining whether you are actually succeeding. However you need to know how to set these goals. You can’t just say “Hey, I want to have $5,000 dollars in the bank by next year. It is a process that begins with great planning and consideration of what you wish to achieve. It ends with a lot of effort and hard work. In between you have specific and well-defined steps to get you to the prized goal.

Ask yourself some of these questions when setting a goal.

1. What motivates me?

2. What will achieving this goal bring me?

3. What obstacles might get in my way?

4. What can I do to remind myself daily of this goal?

5. Who can I share this goal with that will be a support to me and cheer me on?


  Keep in mind that having a plan is important and here is a template for setting goals.
SMART Goal Template
Specific: Make your goal clear and well-defined.
Measurable: Include precise dates, amounts and other ways that will confirm that you have made it.
Attainable: Make sure you can attain this goal. Don’t reach too high but choose one that is too easy either.
Relevant: These should be relevant to the path you wish to take life and career. Stay focused.
Time-Bound: Set a deadline for these goals. Goals must have a beginning and an end.
You have your homework now. Using the above tips, write your goals out today. And then the rubber will meet the road and you will have to work hard to achieve these goals. GET GOING!!!

Song of Soloman: Better than Shades of Gray

This shades movie is causing quite a stir these days. But I doubt that this is the kind of sex ed our society needs. I mean really? Where is Gloria Steinem when you need her? We women are not to be in bondage, WE ARE TO BE CHERISHED!

allthingsgoodandwise, 50 shades of grey, Intended for pleasure, song of solomon

I’d like to share some alternatives to reading these books or watching the movie.
Song of Solomon: The 22nd book in the bible is series of lyrical poems about a young woman and her lover. These poems are filled with physical love, and even erotic love.  The words are very descriptive and romantic clearly describing passionate love between a bridegroom and his bride  who are deeply in love.

Here is an outline of the book:

Song of Solomon 1:1-2:7 – The bride expresses her deep desire to be with her lover and sings praises about him.

Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5 – The affections between the bride and her lover becomes more intimate, and she pours out more praise on the one she loves was very elaborate and exquisite analogies from nature.

Song of Solomon 3:6-5:1 – King Solomon gives his praise, as does the bride, and the engagement takes place.

Song of Solomon 5:2-6:9 – The bridegroom goes away for a period of time, and during his absence the bride longs for his return and continues to give him praises.

Song of Solomon 6:10-8:4 – This section contains some very descriptive verses describing the beauty of the bride.

Song of Solomon 8:5-14 – The conclusion deals with the durable eternal bond of consummated love.

For further study I suggest this sermon series/study by Tommy Nelson called Song of Solomon

If you happen to be an engaged couple I recommend reading Intended for Pleasure: Sex Technique and Sexual Fulfillment in Christian Marriage

This is a great book to give to a married couple as well. I think I still have my copy from 1990. It has been around for a long time (30 years I think). Just so you know, it has graphic content. But well worth the investment for those who are interested in being fulfilled in this area.

Hope these will be good alternatives for you to explore.




My heart prefers only one

Sometimes life is so busy that you must trade one thing for another. You must sacrifice your every week blog posting for family and greater things. That’s what happened to me this week. I apologize for being late to the party on Friday. My life has thrown me some curve balls and I am forced to let some things go and concentrate on the things that are tug at my heartstrings.

One man and one woman, ALLTHINGSGOODANDWISE

My son, my daughter and my husband are the ones who get first dibs on my time. Aside from spending some peaceful and searching times with my creator, they take precedence over other things. I prefer them over most things in life.

When my husband and I married we told each other that we would prefer each other over anyone else. I love what has to say about this:

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:24 KJV). Other translations render “leave and cleave” as “leave and be united” (NIV), “leave and be joined” (NASB), and “leave and hold fast” (ESV). So, what precisely does it mean to leave your father and mother and cleave to your spouse?

As recorded in Genesis chapter 2, God created Adam first, and then Eve. God Himself brought Eve to Adam. God Himself ordained that they would be joined together in holy matrimony. He said that the two of them would become one flesh. This is a picture of marital intimacy—the act of love that is never to involve anyone else. To “cleave” means “to adhere to, stick to, or join with.” It is a unique joining of two people into one entity. It means we do not quit when things are not going right. It includes talking things out, praying things through, being patient as you trust God to work in both of your hearts, being willing to admit when you are wrong and asking forgiveness, and seeking God’s counsel regularly in His Word.

If either spouse fails to both leave and cleave, problems will result in a marriage. If spouses refuse to truly leave their parents, conflict and stress result. Leaving your parents does not mean ignoring them or not spending any time with them. Leaving your parents means recognizing that your marriage created a new family and that this new family must be a higher priority than your previous family. If spouses neglect to cleave to each other, the result is a lack of intimacy and unity. Cleaving to your spouse does not mean being with your spouse every moment or not having meaningful friendships outside of your marriage. Cleaving to your spouse means recognizing that you are joined, essentially “glued,” to your spouse. Cleaving is key in building a marriage that will endure hard times and be the beautiful relationship that God intends it to be.

The “leave and cleave” in the marriage bond is also a picture of the union God wants us to have with Him. “Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him” (Deuteronomy 13:4 KJV). It means we leave all other gods, whatever form they may take, and join to Him alone as our God. We cleave to Him as we read His Word and submit to His authority over us. Then, as we follow Him closely, we find that His instruction to leave father and mother in order to cleave to our spouse is to discover commitment and security, just as He intended. God takes His design for marriage seriously. Leaving and cleaving is God’s plan for those who marry. When we follow God’s plan, we are never disappointed.

Read more:

So as we approach the day of hearts, love, lovers, unions, and preferring one another over anyone else I wanted to affirm my union with one man, my husband.

Please share your thoughts on love and unions freely.

How to quiet your mind when you feel like it has a 24 hour open for business sign

Girls weekend getaway. When was the last time I went away with just the girls? Let’s just say it’s been a long time.

allthingsgoodandwise, open 24 hours

What do you do at a girls weekend getaway? I know some of us will sleep. Some of us will read. I am not sure what I will do but I will enjoy my time to just relax and not have to care for anyone but myself. That sounds so relaxing, since I just came back from a trip to where I took care of my mom and when I am not helping her I am taking care of my dog, my house, my yard, my car, my husband, my business, my kitchen, my blog, my son and so much more.

I guess I will do some reading and sleeping. But mostly I want to clear my mind and let it rest. To unclutter from all of the needs and wants of the world and focus on being at peace with my creator. It will be a tricky task because I seldom slow down. I am a major go getter type A person. I stay super occupied and fill my days with purposeful things, but I need to unplug. I don’t need to unplug from electronics but from the shooting arrows of my own mind. I need to quite my mind and let it rest. I need to put my mind on bed rest.

Don’t think

Don’t worry

Don’t fret

Don’t over plan

Don’t contemplate

Just rest. I need to let my thoughts focus on the beauty of nature. The simplicity of life.

I will plan to re-focus when my mind tries to worry.

I will meditate on my favorite verses.

I will notice the simple things around me like nature and goodness.

I will lie in sleep with prayers and peace on my lips.

If you had a weekend getaway how would you spend your time?

I ask for more

I am a mom of one boy. When he was born I asked everyone if he was ok? I mean he did some strange things. Stuff that his much older sister never did, I thought the kid had a problem. Turned out that he was just a boy. I love my boy. He is funny, courageous, tender, and wise. “For unto whomever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”  I ask more of this young man.


He walked one day and the next he ran. He held a ball in his hands one day and the next day he dribbled (at 18 mos) it, he was taught how to make a paper airplane and the next day there were twenty flying through the air. He can do a lot of things well. And so as his mother, I ask more of him.

How does that look when we are rushing around our home getting ready or driving to a soccer game? It looks like this.

Who is the saddest person in your class? What could someone do to help?

Will you read me my devotional to me while I drive please?

Why do you think people become bullies?

How can I pray for you today?

How are you going to use your talents today?

What nice thing did you say to someone today?

It’s the simple questions that activates a dialogue that bring about deep discussions. And these discussions bring MORE. More of what we should be doing in our world. Being that one person to make someone smile. Reaching out to someone who might be hurting so badly that they hurt others. It’s being the young man with integrity, who seeks a higher calling. No one is perfect, so I cannot impose an enormous task of being all things to all people. However, we can reach for a greater purpose and a better world. Here is a great article to warm your heart. What questions will you ask today to stir up MORE of what our world needs?


Surfing on a Vision board

What’s a vision board? It’s a simple yet powerful visualization tool. It’s a place to start a dream. It could very well activate the universal law of attraction. A vision board begins manifesting your dreams into reality. While I am not quite sold on the whole idea of the universal law of attraction I find it fascinating and take what I need.


Vision Board brentwood life coach


What does a vision board look like? How do I make one?(Obviously, the above picture is not a vision board, but it was all I could find.)

You’ll need a surface ( foam board, canvas board or poster board)
Glue(rubber cement works well or decoupage )
And a vision.

You can get started by asking yourself these questions.

1.) If money, other people’s opinions and judgments, were not factors, what would you do, be, and have?

2.) What beliefs or dreams would you want to see in your life?

3.) What would you have to believe in order to be, do, and have these things?

Answering some of these questions might help get you started on what will go on your vision board. I also like to break my vision board into sections like





Family life


Personal accomplishments

You many not want to include all of these on your board but these are a few topics to get you started. Once you make your collage of hopes, dreams and aspirations display your board where you can see it everyday. Set your mind on what you want to accomplish and work towards getting there.

I will be gathering with some friends to make my new vision board for the year. Have a vision board party and invite some friends over to make their own boards.