What keeps you grounded?

In soccer you must have both feet on ground when you throw the ball back into play. i know there is a name for this but I don’t know it. 

What is it that keeps you grounded?
My role as a mother grounds me. Life stops when one of children need me or are sick in bed. If they are unhappy, I try to connect with them and find out how I can help. 

What grounds you? 

My Impossible Standards

To say that an author’s written words have resonated with me is an understatement when it comes to Jen Hatmaker’s book FOR THE LOVE. This book and her other books have touched my life in so many ways. She speaks my language folks.

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Just the title alone can penetrate deep into your soul. Fighting for Grace in a world of Impossible standards. Whoa! “Impossible Standards”, no kidding. Our world is so busy trying to make everything perfect that we forget that NO ONE IS PERFECT!

I mean, if we try to portray perfection, no one will relate to us. Sure they may look up to us and pay us a complement for our clean houses and well-behaved children but one day the curtain will get pulled back and everyone will see that the wizard (from the Wizard of OZ) is just a dumpy old man who forgets things. They will see us arguing with our misbehaved children in the car on the way to church. They will see that we fall apart when someone hurts our feelings and the dust bunnies that hop around from room to room.

One of my favorite subjects that Jen Hatmaker covers in For the Love is about parenting. She, like the rest of us are seeing grown kids questioning THE CHURCH. Where are we? Where is God. Her words will help us navigate these and other questions we may encounter as a parent.

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I also love how she parents her children. The quote above has been my mantra for the last few years. I don’t want kids who are not prepared to ride the waves of life. Yes, I want them to be wise and not experienced, but I want them to know that getting up after a huge fall (even a moral fall) is possible and that there is victory on the other side. I will share more about Rising up after you Fall in a later post.

Please, please run out and grab a copy of this book. I will be posting a new fb group/book club link soon for you to join so we can read this book together.

Hello Eternal Beings: One Size Does Not Fit All

One day I overheard a lady say that “strong women of faith, who make a difference in the world, spend huge chunks of time praying, reading scripture and serving people”. I know she didn’t mean to dog anyone with her “advice” but I fell hard into a pit of despair after hearing her comment, because I can’t measure up to this standard! I don’t have long periods of time to pray or read right now.

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I guess I fell hard because I truly want to do my best and I felt she was communicating that my best was not measuring up to the standards. Because I don’t spend large amounts of time in one sitting with my bible and praying. I realize she wasn’t saying that, but that is what I was hearing. My deep desire is to walk with God and love others as Christ. But I started to feel un-accomplished and a failure in this area. Maybe there are others who can find large amounts of time to do these things and get closer to God but I am not one of those people. I know, we all have 24 hours in a day. However, some people are better at managing their time, they are more efficient & organized. I imagine that the time “THEY” spend is powerful and that they get lots of great nuggets of truth, while I sit and ask God to bless my family and keep me from being ugly to my husband and kids. Usually there aren’t any supersize nuggets from my prayers.


Some of us have major issues happening in our lives. Small kids, ailing parents, startup companies, husbands who are not as self-sufficient as other husbands, jobs, friends who need us and the list can go on and on. Insert yours here.

But then I realized that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. I am not her and she is not me. We are not robots and we cannot all worship and meditate on scripture all the same way. There isn’t a concrete formula to spirituality with Christ. There is only YOU and GOD.  Your time with Him is HOLY. Your time, however short or long, is SACRED. Don’t discount what happens when you communicate with your MAKER. He is there and you are present, plus HE is ETERNAL, and we are eternal beings, so “TIME” as we view it here on earth is obsolete to Him. Praise God.

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Here are my TIPS for those of us who are on the ALL I CAN DO, IS ALL I CAN DO PLAN

(no pressure)

  • Pray always: in the car, at the kitchen sink, unloading the washer, cleaning the garage, making sandwiches, filling out school papers.
  • Speak fervent prayers as you fill out those back-to-school papers;”Lord, may Thomas have a great year in school and empower his teachers, Amen.”
  • When you come across someone in need, pray right away with them present. You may forget or not have the time later.
  • Listen to Podcasts and/or set your bible app to audio.
  • Take those thoughts captive.
  • Carry a devotion book in your car and read for 1-15 min at a time
  • Close your eyes, breathe and mediate on GOD the father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son
  • No doubt that we can all benefit from longer times in prayer and devotion but let’s not beat ourselves up with someone else’s standards. Let go and cherish the time you get with the creator of the world.


He is worthy. It is all for HIS GLORY. 

You are enough, even without all of those giant spiritual revelations.







First Days of School: 6 Stages of Cutting those Apron Strings

5 Office Wear Ideas & How Pinterest Dresses Me

Whenever people compliment me on my outfit I have to chuckle because really and truly, I am not a fashionista. I like shopping but I don’t fully know what I am doing, so I need lots of help in this department. Here are some tips that I follow and how I used a great free online resource to keep me in style.


5  Office Wear Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

  1.  Line up your outfits along with accessories, shoes and bags for the week. Keep them together and hang them in a special area of your closet. Take into account the weather and your schedule for that day. Keep them all on a hanger and then in the morning you just grab n’ go.
  2. When you buy basic pieces (black pencil skirt, Khaki slacks etc..), purchase quality. You will keep these for a while and they will get plenty of used. So make sure they can withstand the wear and tear from use. These going to be your foundations from which to build on. Here are some of my go to items: Khaki skirt and pants, white slacks, black slacks & skirt, houndstooth skirt, dark blazer, white summer blazer or jacket, two cardigans, and a nice pair of dark jeans (no holes).
  3. Buy trendy pieces on the cheap. These items tend to go in and out of style so don’t invest too much for them. Accessories, scarves, purses, and jewelry.
  4. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses. These can be so versatile and is often my go to when I know I will be going from work to an evening out. Adding a nice jacket or sweater for the office can really dress up the look. I may change shoes, or accessories for the evening to add sparkle. I love adding some bling to an outfit for an eying out on the town.
  5. Toss, purge and only keep what you actually wear. This will save you so much time and will actually help you dress better every day. Even if you end up with just a few good pieces, chances are you were only wearing 20% of your clothing 80% of the time. The other items are just taking up space in our closet and in your head when you are getting dressed.

Here are some other fun tips to help you get dressed in the morning

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I turn my hangers the opposite direction at the beginning of each season and if I haven’t turned the hangers (which means I pulled them out to wear)in a month then I toss the item.

Another great tip is that I let Pinterest dress me in the morning. Yes, I do!!. 

All things good and wise

In the morning before I get dressed I may look through the business attire if I’m headed out for a business meeting or if I’m going casual I will do a casual business search. Enter anything in the search bar of Pinterest and add different things like red skirt white shirt, khaki pants with black shirt or blue cardigan with white pants and you will get tons of ideas.

Grab whatever is clean and search Pinterest to help you put it all together. You may have not thought to add a green sweater with those pants but you will see how well it works on Pinterest.

Or, lets say you have a great dress but don’t know how to dress it up or what to add to make it look office ready, add a description on the search bar and you may find great ideas.

Pinterest helps me shop for the right items. I check out my board and find out what I have already pinned. I may already have those khaki pants but need a black shirt and chunky necklace to make my outfit complete. I will check my boards often while I shop. Keeps me focused on what I really need to add to my wardrobe.

I urge you to slim down your wordrobe/closet and find your style on Pinterest and use it to help you put an outfit together in a pinch.

Family Rules for Beach Vacations

Family rules for beach vacations

This week while on our annual beach vacation I spent some time thinking about what makes our beach time so memorable for our family. What are the bones of our vacations throughout the years that have made us love being together time and time again? So I came up with a few “RULES”.

allthingsgoodandwise.com Beach. Simple Beach Rules

  • Mom and Dad get in the pool, and play. I use to love to swim and would stay in the pool for hours until my fingers and toes were prune-y. As I got older, I swam less and less. Once my kids were old enough to swim safely on their own, I seldom entered the pool. Except while on vacation, MOM GETS IN THE POOL! This became a rule while on vacations and they kids looked forward to this time. My son especially enjoyed seeing me get splashed with his cannon balls. It’s his version of fun.
  • The parent works very little.  Maybe he/she can limit work time to when the kids are sleeping. Discuss this on the long drive to your destination and come up with a plan. Don’t wait until that phone call comes and one of you is forced to juggle it all on the spot. Plan to succeed in this area, it’s important.
  • Kids need to rest during the day. Let them chill out. This may mean naps for them, reading time, time on the couch watching a show or on their devices. Everyone chills differently so, let those older kids do their thing for a short time. Kids are more active and get tired by the end of the week, make sure you allow for down time. Don’t cram more stuff.
  • The cook can veto eating in or eating out. If you are the cook in the family, try to plan ahead and spend little time in the kitchen. Check out my simple beach menus here for more information. The cook knows what they will be cooking/having for the week, so let them have the veto option when it comes to food.
  • Rainy Days are for games. Make this a rule that when it rains while on vacation, it’s time to play card games or board games. It’s a day to stay in your PJ’s and watch a movie or sleep. Order Pizza and have fun. For older kids, plan an outing. For example my daughter and I would visit the local antique shop or thrift store on rainy days.
  • Limit screen time, but don’t stop there. Limit anything that takes kids away from hanging out with the family. Even books can be a distraction from enjoying a beach vacation.
  • Divide and conquer the grocery list. Everyone has to run to the store for food while on vacation. If one of the parents can’t stay with the kids on the sand, while the other parent shops alone, then divide and conquer. One wrangles the kids and the other fills the cart, or divide the list and the kids in two separate carts.
  • Require one must do activity. An activity where everyone participates. When you are planning your vacation, plan a family activity. We plan one per day. A bike ride, frisbee on the beach, building a sand castle, body surfing, everyone on a float/boat/rings, fishing, Marco Polo in the pool, seashell hunting, walks on the beach, getting ice cream or my favorite, watching the sunset together. The older they get the harder it is to corral everyone for these activities, so start early and set it up ahead of time. Share your thoughts about doing family things. If you miss a day, it’s ok, just pick it back up the next day.
  • Make eye contact daily. Are you sharing smiles and watching faces? Make eye contact with your kids daily and see the fun in their eyes. Share the experience and see it in their faces. Hug and kiss faces often too(no age requirement).

You can add or take away from these rules to suit your family. You may not struggle with working while on vacation or your child may not be a voracious reader but the main theme here is fun with the family.

I once saw a mom spend most of her vacation time talking with other people on the beach. Instead of hanging out with her family, she was sharing her life with total strangers.  I overheard her complain about her kid’s screen time and devices, yet she was taking something away from her family on this vacation. Something that only she can give to them…time with mom. Remember why you are taking this vacation. Be intentional and vacation with a purpose.

My Youtube Debut: WAAAAAAHHHHH

Believe it or not, I am really a shy person. I can speak with anyone and usually public speaking does not scare me in the least. But when it comes to getting myself out there for the world to see WWAAAHHH!


The whole thing make my stomach flip and I want to find the exit sign. So here I am promoting my youtube video. Please if you want to do your kind deed for the day, please give me the thumbs up, subscribe or follow my blog today. The video is based on my blog post called Simple Beach Menus that has gone viral on Pinterest.  

So, here goes. Here is the video that my boy edited for me and posted. This momma is so proud of him.

Simple Beach Packing

I feel like Sally Field only the opposite ” Please like me, I hope you really like me.”