Forget about the Dress

Yes, I got sucked into the whole what color is the dress thing too. Who cares? I do, I am fascinated as to why people saw colors that I didn’t see. However, I did take a break and then saw exactly what they saw. Two totally different colors! I couldn’t believe it. Was it their convincing comments or was it my mind just “going there”? Is that why I was able to see two different colors in that dress?


I enjoyed reading this article but it didn’t quite hit the nail on the head for me.  I think because aside from what color the dress really is, I found myself discussing something trivial with my family, friends and seems like the whole world. Sometime we need to shoot the breeze about nothingness. Sometimes it’s not about the problem but the fact that you have opened up a line of communication between two human beings. There were looks, there were smiles, there were surprised huffs, there were stares and there was communication. We were all trying our cases. I loved it.

As I sat and watched my kids, my husband and everyone else discuss the color of said dress, I was overjoyed at the fact that we were all connecting.

So, I soon forgot about the dress and just enjoyed the ride.