Surfing on a Vision board

What’s a vision board? It’s a simple yet powerful visualization tool. It’s a place to start a dream. It could very well activate the universal law of attraction. A vision board begins manifesting your dreams into reality. While I am not quite sold on the whole idea of the universal law of attraction I find it fascinating and take what I need.


Vision Board brentwood life coach


What does a vision board look like? How do I make one?(Obviously, the above picture is not a vision board, but it was all I could find.)

You’ll need a surface ( foam board, canvas board or poster board)
Glue(rubber cement works well or decoupage )
And a vision.

You can get started by asking yourself these questions.

1.) If money, other people’s opinions and judgments, were not factors, what would you do, be, and have?

2.) What beliefs or dreams would you want to see in your life?

3.) What would you have to believe in order to be, do, and have these things?

Answering some of these questions might help get you started on what will go on your vision board. I also like to break my vision board into sections like





Family life


Personal accomplishments

You many not want to include all of these on your board but these are a few topics to get you started. Once you make your collage of hopes, dreams and aspirations display your board where you can see it everyday. Set your mind on what you want to accomplish and work towards getting there.

I will be gathering with some friends to make my new vision board for the year. Have a vision board party and invite some friends over to make their own boards.