Fabulous Friday: Let’s go to the Movies

Don’t know why it is but every time it rains I get the urge to go to the movies.  Maybe it is something from my childhood, who knows. I enjoy seeing a good movie but I usually get a video/dvd and watch them at home. It is rare that I actually see a movie in a theatre. But when it rains, that dark room filled with popcorn smells calls my name.


Love that entertainment has a way of taking you away from thinking of your troubles and worries. It lets you escape your life for a couple of hours and sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.  I think back on some of my trying years with heartaches or disappointments, and taking a break from it all was such a relief. If just for a couple of hours, life was fun and I laughed (I prefer comedies over tragedies).

movie 1

FYI: Did you know that the correct spelling according to the National Associates of Theatre Owners is T H E A T R E and not theater.

If you get a chance this weekend watch a movie or go to the theatre, do it.  I challenge you to put down the worries of your world, sit down and laugh, cry and smile.  Would love to get suggestions on your favorite movie.