Fabulous Friday: Let’s go to the Movies

Don’t know why it is but every time it rains I get the urge to go to the movies.  Maybe it is something from my childhood, who knows. I enjoy seeing a good movie but I usually get a video/dvd and watch them at home. It is rare that I actually see a movie in a theatre. But when it rains, that dark room filled with popcorn smells calls my name.


Love that entertainment has a way of taking you away from thinking of your troubles and worries. It lets you escape your life for a couple of hours and sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.  I think back on some of my trying years with heartaches or disappointments, and taking a break from it all was such a relief. If just for a couple of hours, life was fun and I laughed (I prefer comedies over tragedies).

movie 1

FYI: Did you know that the correct spelling according to the National Associates of Theatre Owners is T H E A T R E and not theater.

If you get a chance this weekend watch a movie or go to the theatre, do it.  I challenge you to put down the worries of your world, sit down and laugh, cry and smile.  Would love to get suggestions on your favorite movie.

Fabulous Friday: Vote

So, I was having so much fun that I didn’t realize it was Friday.  My girl came into town for Fall Break and we were having such a great time that I didn’t get to my blog on Friday.

We did one very important thing on Friday that made it very Fabulous, and that is that we all voted.  My daughter voted for the first time!

I remember the first time that I voted.  I don’t remember the place or the time but I remember the candidate.  I remember that I listened to every word that he spoke and believed in him.  Fortunately he didn’t disappoint me after he was elected.

Go out and vote.

Fabulous Friday: Something Special

Sometimes our homes seem bare and lifeless.  For whatever reason we feel blah about our decor and home.  This is a great time to buy a little something for your house.  If money is tight then be creative and head on down to a thrift store or call a friend and do some swapping.  The important thing is to add a little something to add some life to your room.   I enjoy shopping at Home Goods and T J Maxx and the prices are reasonable.

I love vases.

and lamps.

I encourage you to add something this weekend to your home.  It will brighten up your day.   Have a Fabulous Friday!

Friday is so Fabulous…

…when it comes early in the week.  I am headed out-of-town and so even though today is not Friday, I wanted to share this bit with you all.

In my previous post I mentioned how words really do change the course of things in your life.  Simply by choosing to see the good in situations. Choose to see the clearer view.

 Today for our early Fabulous Friday I wanted to share some wonderful pictures my son and I took at a park. 

I spent the time walking and seeing the beauty in nature and in my precious son.  It was a great day.  Here are just a few glimpses.

I hope you get the chance to get out and enjoy a park or two with your family and loved ones.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Traditions: Fabulous Friday

I love traditions because they truly make the memory.  Take for example the tradition of letting your kids open one gift on Christmas Eve.  They know, and you know that it will be a new pair of PJ’s, but it is still so much fun.  Even when it all goes a wry ( like last year when the PJ’s didn’t fit) the tradition still makes a memory. 

We thrive on patterns, we enjoy the excitement and the anticipation it brings of recreating something fun.  Sometimes the silliest things make the best traditions, like our pilgrimage to THE DOG.  When we are all together, our family likes to eat at a certain hot dog place.  It is not fancy or expensive, just fun.  I know that years from now, our kids will talk about going to The Dog and things that were said and done while we were there.

Traditions help people connect.   I think that the main ingredient for making a simple event or act a tradition lies in how you present it and remember it.  I make a point to talk about how wonderful our event was and that next time we will enjoy it even more than the last time.  Like a binding on a book, traditions hold the family close together.

  Traditions are not just for those winter holidays, they are for anytime you want to make a special memory.  Go out and make a new tradition today.   Share a tradition you have made with your family.

Fabulous Friday

To celebrate my FABULOUS FRIDAY I am headed to the symphony to enjoy the sounds of an

instrument.  An instrument that would not make a sound without the touch and the passion of the

musician.  Every note and sound will be carefully ORCHESTRATED for the hearer to enjoy.  I will

listen and appreciate the final product. 

Whatever kind of music you will be listening to this weekend, I hope you will take a moment to close

your eyes and enjoy the beauty.