When you read a word and it stops you in your tracks until you search for its meaning

Sometime when you ponder a verse in the bible or mediate on a saying you don’t get very far when you come across a word like Abide. Where do you go to find out it’s meaning? How do you dwell on a word. I jumped right in and began searching for the meaning of this word.

Abide, All things good and wise,

In my reading of John 15:4 I stopped and camped out on this word, Abide. Such a small word with such a great meaning. Wow, it can be so weighty. Abide in me the verse said. I asked myself these questions as I pondered.

Does this mean that I should abide in Christ? What does that look like?

Does it mean to be nearer to Christ? To live in Christ?

I wonder if it means to work, live, breathe FROM Christ?

As I looked it up I read words like







Defer to


The definition was

Abide: accept or act in accordance with (a rule, a decision or recommendation).

I found it interesting that is said to do this unto a rule or decision. Long ago I made a decision to follow the teachings of Christ. To live as he instructed us to live, which was to love your neighbor as your self and keep him LORD of all in my life. It was a decision that was made, a decision to abide in Christ. So therefore I don’t abide in anything else because my decision has been made, I am abiding in Christ and who HE is.

No doubt this word was important to the writers of the scriptures and to God himself.

Abide appears 82 times in the bible

Abideth appears 30 times in the bible

Abiding appears 9 times in the bible

For a total of 122 times.

It was important to share the word Abide with the reader.

I want to make it a priority to Abide in Christ. 

From the list of words above, wanna know which one jumped off the page at me?

Defer to 

This definition was the one that I will camp on for now. I will defer to Christ and his teachings when faced with a dilemma or a crossroads in my life.

As you go along reading today what word will you stop and ponder? Will it settle deep in your soul? Will its meaning take you on a journey?

Go ahead, read until you find a word that stops you in your tracks and you are compelled to find its meaning. 

My Easter Sunday

My memories of Easter Sunday were filled with lots of family, frilly dresses and fancy gloves. We would shop for hours looking for just the right dress, white straw hat, gloves, shoes and matching purse. Sometimes we would skip the gloves but everything else was bought weeks before Easter Sunday. I think my single mom saved her pennies all year-long to pay for my outfit to attend church on this one special day. It’s the most important church day of the year.

allthingsgoodandwise, Easter Sunday, egg hunt,

Easter Sundays were filled to the brim with traditions in our family. My uncles would camp out on Saturday night to stake our places at the public park. They wanted make sure we had a great area to picnic and hunt for eggs on Sunday. I think they just wanted an excuse to skip church the next day.

My dress and accessories hung in my room for days leading up to the big day. I couldn’t wait to wear my dress and those fancy gloves. I remember talking about it every day and asking if today was the day to dress up in my Sunday best.

On Sunday morning I would put on my pretty dress and accessories and we would attend church. After church we would head home, change into our play clothes, pick up our food and colored boiled eggs and head to the park. There our uncles would be grilling chicken, sausage, pork chops and brisket. We would set our blankets and our chairs on the grass and prepare to eat. We ate our feast of grilled meats, potato salad, green pea salad, rolls, dressed eggs, and cup cakes. The main events came after we ate.

The fun part came when we took a walk, away from our picnic area where our uncles hid the eggs. They would hide dozens of colored eggs all over and we found everyone last one of them. Then the real fun started, it was time to crack our confetti eggs on each other. It was the only time we were allowed to smash an adult over the head with eggs! You can read all about them here.

I cannot begin to explain how much fun we had each year breaking those confetti eggs on each other’s heads. It was one of the highlights of my Easter Sunday. These days my Easter highlights look more like this event here.

Tell me about your Easter Sundays past, present or what you would like for it to look like.



Brown Paper Packages tied up with string, These are a few of my Favorite Things

My girlfriends and I have been having discussions about favorite things. Last week my supper club had a “Favorite Things” themed evening. Sherrie, the host, had us bring our favorite foods to share. After we had dinner we sat around and pulled questions from a bowl asking us to tell about our favorite things.

All Things Good and Wise, Brown paper packages, favorite things,

I’ve also heard about friends getting together for a weekend and bringing their favorites in multiples for each of their friends. For example I’ll buy 3 of the same scented candle to give to my three girlfriends. My friend and I are trying this one and we have set a price limit on these gifts and decided that each person will bring two gifts each. So we will leave with 6 favorite gifts that weekend. Awesome right. Who doesn’t love getting gifts, especially if it’s a favorite of one of your good friend’s.


Here are just a few of my favorite things in two different categories. The first category is food. You know I love food and snacks. However, lately I have been trying to get in shape and working on getting my girlish figure back. I know I am not a girl anymore but one can dream, right?! That being said I have found some great “diet safe” foods.

My first one is a great substitute for bread. This wrap bread keeps me under the caloric intake according to my favorite app: My Fitness Pal. It’s Joseph’s Lavash Bread. I use this when I want to eat a sandwich, or when I want a piece of toast. I reach for this because it’s very low in fat and calories and it tastes great. I usually don’t even eat a whole wrap. I have been known to half it or only eat a 1/4 of a wrap with my breakfast. Check it out.


My go to snack is Boom Chicka Popcorn. It is so good. Trust me.


My go to beverages these days are flavored waters. I love Le Croix, mango and  San Pellegrino Sparkling fruit water – Blood Orange flavor.


These next few favorites are more personal and help me everyday.

I found this eye make up remover by mistake one day when I thought I was buying face wash and found that I had purchased make up remover. I fell in love with it and as a contact lens wearer it was gentle enough. It also took off all of my eye make so that particles didn’t creep into my eyes during the night. Check it out.


When I went back to work and began using my laptop everyday I needed a bag to carry my computer. I found this amazing bag on Amazon and loved it. Happy for you if you decide to buy this because the price has been reduced by $30. since I purchased it. So good for you.


This last thing is so unconventional that I had a hard time getting use to it but now really like it. It’s a stainless steel STRAW! You need to try it out.



I hope you stop and think about your favorite things. Maybe you will share them with your friends at a party or your next girl time.






International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. This day use to be called working women’s day. I am so glad they changed it to all around women’s day. Mostly because I am a firm believer in women being able to choose if they want to work outside the home or work on their home. Being a homemaker is not to be dismissed as a profession. It is truly an honorable position.

International Women's Day, All Things Good and Wise

When I was in middle school my dad’s best friend Mr. George worked at an advertising agency ( I imagined him as the ultimate Darren Stevens from Bewitched). He would give us these great fun gifts that were left over from some of their ad campaigns. My favorite freebie from him was a date book that was tall and slim. It said “You’ve come a long way baby” on the front cover. It was a campaign for Virginia Slims cigarettes and was targeted to young professional women. We have come a long way.

One of my favorite movie is called Mona Lisa Smile. In the movie the Julia Roberts plays a professor in a conservative 1950’s all girls college to question their traditional social roles. She told them they could do and be anything. Except in the end she wanted them to choose what she deemed important. She wanted them to choose to be lawyers, doctors, and politicians. However, one of the students wanted to stay home, be a wife and raise a family, she let the professor know that her choice was just as good and worthy.

How will I celebrate International Women’s Day? I will enjoy living the life and profession I have chosen for myself. I have been a stay at home wife & mother and now I am a working mom with my own business. I can tell you that both are tough and both are wonderful. But the best thing about them is that I chose them.

Are you living the life of your choosing? If not why not?




4 Steps to Dance your Way Out of your Comfort Zone, Take Risks and Have a Blast

Are you stretching yourself? I don’t mean before, during or after your workouts, I mean are you doing things in life that stretch who you are as a person? Most of us want to work and live within our comfort zone. Where is the fun in that? It is time to do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do.

Take the plunge and move forward. Chances are you already have something in mind as you are reading this article. It is time. Let’s lay out this plan and hit the start button.

all things good and wise, Life Coaching, Life coach, Brentwood Life Coach,

We grow when we move out of the normal and into the uncomfortable.


Steps to stretch yourself and grow

  • Understand what is out there. The out there that is not in your comfort areas. If you feel awkward dancing maybe you should check out dancing lessons before your next party. Allow the discomfort to come and then go. Push through to a better you. Choose something to challenge yourself today. Be it big or small.
  • Make it fun. Find a friend who may also be facing his/her fears and take the big leap together. Pushing yourself to a feeling of being uncomfortable can be surprisingly fun. That is why a lot of people watch scary movies, it’s because we get an incredible adrenaline rush from doing things that scare us.
  • Take it slow. You won’t learn how to Mambo in one easy lesson. But you will learn a few steps to help you feel more at ease the next time you are out on the dance floor. Take small steps to move towards your goal. Make sure you incorporate a smile because everything looks better on you when you smile.
  • Be specific. Know what you are aiming for when choosing a goal. If you want to overcome the fear of public speaking, find a place and time when you can practice. Then make sure you set a deadline or time to really perform the task. Write it down and stick to your guns.

Feeling a discomfort is natural; we all feel this from time to time. If we can learn to accept that discomfort without letting it overtake our lives, we can use this to learn and grow.

What will you do today that will help you grow as a person?

5 Tell-Tale signs that you should RUN with your BUSINESS IDEA

It is never too late to do what you love. A few years ago I thought that the internet was saturated with money-saving websites and cooking blogs, so I didn’t start one. I thought that there were enough of something else, so I didn’t go there. I was wrong, what I was seeing was just the tip of the iceberg. There would be more websites and more blogs to come. In fact there are still many people starting blogs and new businesses with websites.  Little did I know that I should have gone with my gut feeling.

All things Good and Wise

Go For IT!

My error here was that I was looking at others to determine my destiny/path. I compared my decisions with decisions that others had already made. I assumed that no one would want to read what I had to offer when they had someone else’s offerings. I judged myself and I should not have done that.

I once told my daughter that she should try out for a spot on her school’s show choir. She told me that she didn’t want to put herself out there because she was not as good as the other singers. “Let the judge be the judge of that” I told her. Don’t judge yourself because you are not the judge, they are. So she tried out and got in! I should have taken my own advice concerning my blog, website and ideas.

 Here are 5 reasons how you can know that you are on to something BIG

and should go for it. 

  1. You have a flood of ideas and can’t stop thinking about it. You get business fireworks happening in your brain. Your heart is in this all the way. You would be willing to make sacrifices to see this fly.
  2. No one else is doing quite like you would do it. Although not every business needs to be a one-of-a kind. There is nothing new under the sun, so we are all just re-packaging things all the time. Taking one old idea and re-imagining it.
  3. Does it fill a need? Does it fill your personal need? If you have experienced a lack of something and your idea is filling that void, then it’s a good idea.
  4. Other people have said “hey, you should bottle that, or you should start that business/service.” With many counselors there is victory.
  5. It is easy to explain. You can share your idea/business with your neighbor and she gets it!. You can come up with a short sentence describing what you are doing/making/offering. Boom!

So if you have answered yes to many of these questions then you have something going on here. Find out what you need to launch this baby and don’t let anyone tell you differently. You let the world be the judge, it’s your job to put it out into the world.

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Choose One Word to Help You Stay the Course

For the past three years I have been participating in a movement of choosing one word to focus on for the whole year. A word that describes who you want to be or how you want to live.

Choosing only one word to focus on all year-long made so much sense to me. I could concentration on only one word for three hundred and sixty-five days, instead of making multiple goals or resolutions that would soon be forgotten. The movement can be found here Oneword365

All things good and wise

Last year my word was #TRUST. This was the perfect word for me last year as I was facing many decisions that seemed daunting and overwhelming.  Family decisions that I had to make had me dreading and worrying on a daily basis. After choosing my word, I began putting my word to work. I would begin the pattern of giving decisions the TRUST TEST. “Is this a time where I need to practice trust and just let it go?” “Am I fearing when I need to simply trust?” I would insert it in my pep talks to myself “Just trust that you have done your best and walk away.” “Trust that all things will eventually work for good.” This ONE WORD kept me going throughout the year. It served me so well that I still give things the TRUST test today.

My new word for this year is INTENTIONAL. I don’t have an intentional test yet, but I have kept this word in the forefront of my mind. Just this week I made a decision to choose something that was important to me over something that was good. I choose to be intentional with my time and my direction in life.

I use this word when making business decisions. For example, everyone is always jumping on some new social media platform to promote their businesses. I am being intentional and choosing to stay on my course. My course looks different from the next person because I am unique, my business plan is not like their plan and our desired outcomes are not the same.

I use the word in my personal life too. I am intentional with what I purchase, what I eat, what I watch and what I read. I make a point to use my time at home wisely, to spend it on the things that matter to me. To intentionally show love to my family and call loved ones who are far away often.

The photo above is of my son at the beach. He is calculating in his approach and execution. He is being intentional. When I ran across this shot on my phone I knew it would be my word visual for the year.

Are you being intentional? If so, tell me how. I would love to learn from you.