This is My Son and I am Asking More of Him

When my son was born I asked everyone if he was ok? “What I really wanted to say was “I see him doing some strange things, is he ok?” Doing things that his much older sister never did. I thought the kid had a problem. Turned out that he was just a boy.

All things good and wise. I ask more

I love my boy. He is funny, courageous, tender, and wise. “For unto whomever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”  I ask more of this young man.

He walked one day and the next day he ran. He held a ball in his hands one day and the next day he dribbled (at 18 mos) it, he was taught how to make a paper airplane and the next day there were twenty flying through the air. He can do a lot of things well. So as his mother, I ask more of him.

How does that look when we are rushing around our home getting ready or driving to a soccer game? It looks like this. I ask questions and I hold him to excellence. These questions seem to be the launching pad for our discussions that bring clarity and depth to our lives. I pray it breeds a good character in him. Because I ask more of him.

Here are some of the questions

Who is the saddest person in your class? What could someone do to help him?

Will you read me my devotional Jesus Calling while I drive please?

Why do you think people become bullies?

How can I pray for you today?

How are you going to use your talents today?

What nice thing did you say to someone today?

Who is the nicest person at your school?

It’s the simple questions that activate a dialogue that bring about deep discussions. And these discussions bring MORE. More of what we should be doing in our world.

Being that one person to make someone smile.

Reaching out to someone who might be hurting so badly that they hurt others.

It’s being the young man with integrity, who seeks a higher calling.

No one is perfect, so I cannot impose an enormous task of being all things to all people. However, we can reach for a greater purpose and a better world. This son of mine is brave, he is kind and strong. I ask more of him and he rises to the call.

Here is a great article to warm your heart.

What questions will you ask today to stir up MORE of what our world needs?