The Cure for feeling unsatisfied even after you’ve checked things off your TO DO LIST.

My schedule has been crazy lately and it seems like I don’t have time to do anything, let alone the important things in life. The more I fret about it, the less time I seem to have. “I need more time” are the words I find myself saying. Why do I feel less than satisfied with the things that I have checked off my list? The reality of things is that we are all given 24 hours a day. Along with this reality is the fact that I choose what goes on my plate for the day. So why am I still complaining?

The realization is that I just don’t fill it with the important things first. That ol’ Franklin Covey method of adding the big rocks in to the jar, then small pebbles, then the sand and finally just when you think the jar is as full as it is gonna get you fill it with water to the brim. That is what I have been doing with my days lately and it has made a big change in my outlook.





These are my BIG ROCKS

I fill my day with the big chunks first. Time to mediate, pray and read my devotions ( a small book with inspirational quotes & proverbs), time to care for my body with exercise and a good breakfast. Family time, and then I move out into the world.  The important things go in first.

My pebbles:

emails, to do lists, errands, phone calls, paper work, projects, house work, and cooking.

What are your pebbles?

Here is what I have found after incorporating this into my life for the last two weeks.

I have had a better outlook on life.

I am able to add more of the little things that I thought would get left on the to do list.

I am calmer.

I enjoy the start of each day.

I go to bed feeling accomplished in knowing that I have truly done all I could do for the day.

This last statement has been the key to my success in doing the BIG THINGS FIRST concept. The feeling of knowing that I did all I could do helps me put a stamp of approval on the day. This is huge for me. I believe that is what I was lacking before when I hurried around doing all that I could do all in one day. I failed to see the big things as the important things. Once I put those in first it was as if I gained more time. I know that isn’t true but it sure seemed that way. I actually had time to do all of those peripheral tasks and felt satisfied at having done them.

How does this sound to you? Is this something you already do with your day and your to do lists? I would love to hear about how you go about your day.

Get your copy of Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People This is a link to buy the CD’s. One way I get those little things into my day is by listening to audio books. I love my downloads and audio books.


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