When you read a word and it stops you in your tracks until you search for its meaning

Sometime when you ponder a verse in the bible or mediate on a saying you don’t get very far when you come across a word like Abide. Where do you go to find out it’s meaning? How do you dwell on a word. I jumped right in and began searching for the meaning of this word.

Abide, All things good and wise,

In my reading of John 15:4 I stopped and camped out on this word, Abide. Such a small word with such a great meaning. Wow, it can be so weighty. Abide in me the verse said. I asked myself these questions as I pondered.

Does this mean that I should abide in Christ? What does that look like?

Does it mean to be nearer to Christ? To live in Christ?

I wonder if it means to work, live, breathe FROM Christ?

As I looked it up I read words like







Defer to


The definition was

Abide: accept or act in accordance with (a rule, a decision or recommendation).

I found it interesting that is said to do this unto a rule or decision. Long ago I made a decision to follow the teachings of Christ. To live as he instructed us to live, which was to love your neighbor as your self and keep him LORD of all in my life. It was a decision that was made, a decision to abide in Christ. So therefore I don’t abide in anything else because my decision has been made, I am abiding in Christ and who HE is.

No doubt this word was important to the writers of the scriptures and to God himself.

Abide appears 82 times in the bible

Abideth appears 30 times in the bible

Abiding appears 9 times in the bible

For a total of 122 times.

It was important to share the word Abide with the reader.

I want to make it a priority to Abide in Christ. 

From the list of words above, wanna know which one jumped off the page at me?

Defer to 

This definition was the one that I will camp on for now. I will defer to Christ and his teachings when faced with a dilemma or a crossroads in my life.

As you go along reading today what word will you stop and ponder? Will it settle deep in your soul? Will its meaning take you on a journey?

Go ahead, read until you find a word that stops you in your tracks and you are compelled to find its meaning.