My Easter Sunday

My memories of Easter Sunday were filled with lots of family, frilly dresses and fancy gloves. We would shop for hours looking for just the right dress, white straw hat, gloves, shoes and matching purse. Sometimes we would skip the gloves but everything else was bought weeks before Easter Sunday. I think my single mom saved her pennies all year-long to pay for my outfit to attend church on this one special day. It’s the most important church day of the year.

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Easter Sundays were filled to the brim with traditions in our family. My uncles would camp out on Saturday night to stake our places at the public park. They wanted make sure we had a great area to picnic and hunt for eggs on Sunday. I think they just wanted an excuse to skip church the next day.

My dress and accessories hung in my room for days leading up to the big day. I couldn’t wait to wear my dress and those fancy gloves. I remember talking about it every day and asking if today was the day to dress up in my Sunday best.

On Sunday morning I would put on my pretty dress and accessories and we would attend church. After church we would head home, change into our play clothes, pick up our food and colored boiled eggs and head to the park. There our uncles would be grilling chicken, sausage, pork chops and brisket. We would set our blankets and our chairs on the grass and prepare to eat. We ate our feast of grilled meats, potato salad, green pea salad, rolls, dressed eggs, and cup cakes. The main events came after we ate.

The fun part came when we took a walk, away from our picnic area where our uncles hid the eggs. They would hide dozens of colored eggs all over and we found everyone last one of them. Then the real fun started, it was time to crack our confetti eggs on each other. It was the only time we were allowed to smash an adult over the head with eggs! You can read all about them here.

I cannot begin to explain how much fun we had each year breaking those confetti eggs on each other’s heads. It was one of the highlights of my Easter Sunday. These days my Easter highlights look more like this event here.

Tell me about your Easter Sundays past, present or what you would like for it to look like.