Brown Paper Packages tied up with string, These are a few of my Favorite Things

My girlfriends and I have been having discussions about favorite things. Last week my supper club had a “Favorite Things” themed evening. Sherrie, the host, had us bring our favorite foods to share. After we had dinner we sat around and pulled questions from a bowl asking us to tell about our favorite things.

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I’ve also heard about friends getting together for a weekend and bringing their favorites in multiples for each of their friends. For example I’ll buy 3 of the same scented candle to give to my three girlfriends. My friend and I are trying this one and we have set a price limit on these gifts and decided that each person will bring two gifts each. So we will leave with 6 favorite gifts that weekend. Awesome right. Who doesn’t love getting gifts, especially if it’s a favorite of one of your good friend’s.


Here are just a few of my favorite things in two different categories. The first category is food. You know I love food and snacks. However, lately I have been trying to get in shape and working on getting my girlish figure back. I know I am not a girl anymore but one can dream, right?! That being said I have found some great “diet safe” foods.

My first one is a great substitute for bread. This wrap bread keeps me under the caloric intake according to my favorite app: My Fitness Pal. It’s Joseph’s Lavash Bread. I use this when I want to eat a sandwich, or when I want a piece of toast. I reach for this because it’s very low in fat and calories and it tastes great. I usually don’t even eat a whole wrap. I have been known to half it or only eat a 1/4 of a wrap with my breakfast. Check it out.

My go to snack is Boom Chicka Popcorn. It is so good. Trust me.

My go to beverages these days are flavored waters. I love Le Croix, mango and  San Pellegrino Sparkling fruit water – Blood Orange flavor.

These next few favorites are more personal and help me everyday.

I found this eye make up remover by mistake one day when I thought I was buying face wash and found that I had purchased make up remover. I fell in love with it and as a contact lens wearer it was gentle enough. It also took off all of my eye make so that particles didn’t creep into my eyes during the night. Check it out.

When I went back to work and began using my laptop everyday I needed a bag to carry my computer. I found this amazing bag on Amazon and loved it. Happy for you if you decide to buy this because the price has been reduced by $30. since I purchased it. So good for you.

This last thing is so unconventional that I had a hard time getting use to it but now really like it. It’s a stainless steel STRAW! You need to try it out.


I hope you stop and think about your favorite things. Maybe you will share them with your friends at a party or your next girl time.