International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. This day use to be called working women’s day. I am so glad they changed it to all around women’s day. Mostly because I am a firm believer in women being able to choose if they want to work outside the home or work on their home. Being a homemaker is not to be dismissed as a profession. It is truly an honorable position.

International Women's Day, All Things Good and Wise

When I was in middle school my dad’s best friend Mr. George worked at an advertising agency ( I imagined him as the ultimate Darren Stevens from Bewitched). He would give us these great fun gifts that were left over from some of their ad campaigns. My favorite freebie from him was a date book that was tall and slim. It said “You’ve come a long way baby” on the front cover. It was a campaign for Virginia Slims cigarettes and was targeted to young professional women. We have come a long way.

One of my favorite movie is called Mona Lisa Smile. In the movie the Julia Roberts plays a professor in a conservative 1950’s all girls college to question their traditional social roles. She told them they could do and be anything. Except in the end she wanted them to choose what she deemed important. She wanted them to choose to be lawyers, doctors, and politicians. However, one of the students wanted to stay home, be a wife and raise a family, she let the professor know that her choice was just as good and worthy.

How will I celebrate International Women’s Day? I will enjoy living the life and profession I have chosen for myself. I have been a stay at home wife & mother and now I am a working mom with my own business. I can tell you that both are tough and both are wonderful. But the best thing about them is that I chose them.

Are you living the life of your choosing? If not why not?