4 Steps to Dance your Way Out of your Comfort Zone, Take Risks and Have a Blast

Are you stretching yourself? I don’t mean before, during or after your workouts, I mean are you doing things in life that stretch who you are as a person? Most of us want to work and live within our comfort zone. Where is the fun in that? It is time to do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do.

Take the plunge and move forward. Chances are you already have something in mind as you are reading this article. It is time. Let’s lay out this plan and hit the start button.

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We grow when we move out of the normal and into the uncomfortable.


Steps to stretch yourself and grow

  • Understand what is out there. The out there that is not in your comfort areas. If you feel awkward dancing maybe you should check out dancing lessons before your next party. Allow the discomfort to come and then go. Push through to a better you. Choose something to challenge yourself today. Be it big or small.
  • Make it fun. Find a friend who may also be facing his/her fears and take the big leap together. Pushing yourself to a feeling of being uncomfortable can be surprisingly fun. That is why a lot of people watch scary movies, it’s because we get an incredible adrenaline rush from doing things that scare us.
  • Take it slow. You won’t learn how to Mambo in one easy lesson. But you will learn a few steps to help you feel more at ease the next time you are out on the dance floor. Take small steps to move towards your goal. Make sure you incorporate a smile because everything looks better on you when you smile.
  • Be specific. Know what you are aiming for when choosing a goal. If you want to overcome the fear of public speaking, find a place and time when you can practice. Then make sure you set a deadline or time to really perform the task. Write it down and stick to your guns.

Feeling a discomfort is natural; we all feel this from time to time. If we can learn to accept that discomfort without letting it overtake our lives, we can use this to learn and grow.

What will you do today that will help you grow as a person?