Choose One Word to Help You Stay the Course

For the past three years I have been participating in a movement of choosing one word to focus on for the whole year. A word that describes who you want to be or how you want to live.

Choosing only one word to focus on all year-long made so much sense to me. I could concentration on only one word for three hundred and sixty-five days, instead of making multiple goals or resolutions that would soon be forgotten. The movement can be found here Oneword365

All things good and wise

Last year my word was #TRUST. This was the perfect word for me last year as I was facing many decisions that seemed daunting and overwhelming.  Family decisions that I had to make had me dreading and worrying on a daily basis. After choosing my word, I began putting my word to work. I would begin the pattern of giving decisions the TRUST TEST. “Is this a time where I need to practice trust and just let it go?” “Am I fearing when I need to simply trust?” I would insert it in my pep talks to myself “Just trust that you have done your best and walk away.” “Trust that all things will eventually work for good.” This ONE WORD kept me going throughout the year. It served me so well that I still give things the TRUST test today.

My new word for this year is INTENTIONAL. I don’t have an intentional test yet, but I have kept this word in the forefront of my mind. Just this week I made a decision to choose something that was important to me over something that was good. I choose to be intentional with my time and my direction in life.

I use this word when making business decisions. For example, everyone is always jumping on some new social media platform to promote their businesses. I am being intentional and choosing to stay on my course. My course looks different from the next person because I am unique, my business plan is not like their plan and our desired outcomes are not the same.

I use the word in my personal life too. I am intentional with what I purchase, what I eat, what I watch and what I read. I make a point to use my time at home wisely, to spend it on the things that matter to me. To intentionally show love to my family and call loved ones who are far away often.

The photo above is of my son at the beach. He is calculating in his approach and execution. He is being intentional. When I ran across this shot on my phone I knew it would be my word visual for the year.

Are you being intentional? If so, tell me how. I would love to learn from you.