The Greatest Campaign on Earth: Christmas

The winner of the best advertising campaign goes to GOD (Jesus & Holy Spirit). He sent his son to change the world and he has done just that. Once a year people all over the world buys gifts for others, gather for dinners, parties, attend religious services, and spend time together. It is celebrated all over the world and  L-O-V-E is the message.

 The Greatest Campaign, Allthingsgoodandwise,
A gift
To love the World
Born on a day
We chose to celebrate this day
We love
Others feel the presence
He came
He left a legacy
Whatever you believe, no doubt you have seen and felt the ripple effects of the reason we celebrate. I suppose He doesn’t care about the fact that we don’t have the exact time of birth or that we threw in a Saint to make it universal. I believe he is smiling today because HIs campaign worked. Be of good cheer.
 Merry Christmas!