What are you most proud of ?

During this time of the year we do a lot of celebrating. Once Christmas hits we start winding down the year. Many of us start evaluating our year so I thought I would give you a little exercise to help you celebrate YOU.  It’s time to celebrate all that you have accomplished this year. What achievements will you celebrate this year? A*chieve*ment:  a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage of skill. Ah Yes! I love this definition.

Celebrate You! Corine Sandifer, coach,

I also thought it interesting that the word implementation was in the definition of achievement. This goes to show you that I think we under-estimate ourselves and what we have accomplished throughout the year. We forget that we put our hand to the plow and worked hard. We also forget to count those things that come easily to us as accomplishments. Just because it’s easy for you to work on your website because you are techy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add it to your success pile. We often think that something has to be hard for us to count it as a victory. Not true, add it.

Let’s pretend we are sitting across from each other and we are at a desk. We have nice clean paper and a fresh, easy, ball point pen in hand. Or the millennial version is that we are sitting across from each other with our Macs in upright attention butting up across from each other. You have a clean screen on notes, google docs or pages opened. Now…

What were your three biggest achievements this year?


What have you achieved that surprised you?


What are you most proud of?


What steps have you made towards a larger goal, that should be acknowledged?


How will you do to celebrate/recognized/acknowledge your achievements this year?


Who do you need to thank? Who will you celebrate with? Who has been part of this journey?


By doing this exercise we reconnect to things where we’ve had an impact. We also reinforce our work and our efforts. Celebrate you, and what you’ve done this year, and get ready to fill the next year with more great things.