Advent for One: How one Mom Found Advent Passion for Herself

This year Christmas has caught me by surprise. I must confess that I have not been in the Christmas mood. We missed our window of opportunity to get a live tree right after Thanksgiving. Then life happened with schedules and then the weather was not cooperating either. So between colds and out-of-town soccer tournaments, we had one evening when everyone would be home to decorate the tree.

After having to shove our live tree into the back of our SUV, we discovered that our tree had root issues and dry branches that were crumbling. Hubby had to returned it and get another, all in the dark. On top of everything else our small pre-lit out-door trees have seen their better days and we will have to be replaced. Yet another task added to my ginormous list of things to do this season. Things have not gone well logistically this season. But the one thing that is most important to me is that we are missing our Advent readings this season.

Ann Voskamp's advent readings, #4500

If you haven’t added Advent readings to your Christmas season you are missing out. Advent readings and trees can add so much Christian meaning and it is a great time to reflect on the reason for the season. They take you through the bible all the while pointing you to the GOD of PEACE. All sounds so nice, huh? Well, I am a failure when it comes to doing Advent stuff. Yup, I just can’t get my act together and pull my family together to reading or add special meaningful ornaments to the tree!

Then it hit me. I am the one who wants to do these Advent readings, I find it special and meaningful. So I am going to sit down and read them. Yes, I am going to read them to myself and alone. This is important to me and that is enough to sit down and do these readings. It’s going to bless me and that is ok. I won’t carry the guilt of not doing the readings just because my family isn’t doing them with me.

Can I tell you that this has blessed me to no end. I have enjoyed reading these devotions to myself and answering the questions all by myself. To ponder the coming of the Prince of Peace and seeing his plan unfold with each reading, it is powerful.

Did this revelation get me in the Christmas spirit? Yes and No. I am still not in the mood to decorate this year but what I am in the mood for, is bringing more meaning to the day-to-day holiday season. Enjoying the huge connection between myself and this holy holiday season.

If you want to do some Advent readings this year I highly recommend this book by Ann Voskamp Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.