I See Beauty

I see beauty all around. Sometimes it is right there in front of me and I see it. Like this morning when I saw this sunrise and thought “I am here, alive and well. I am seeing this beautiful sight. All is well today. It may not be well tomorrow but all is well today and I will bask in it”

I see beauty when I can find a few stolen moments to have some wings and queso with my favorite 14 year old. My son loves wings and it is not beneath me to use food bribes to get him to hang with me.


When I get to listen to jazz on a record player.

Also beautiful



Pure sounds

 What I find at my local farmer’s market can also be categorized as beautiful. This is GINGER, real ginger. Not that kind you buy in the store in it’s ground up form, not even the kind that is sold in the produce section of your grocery store, no this is from the ground fresh ginger.

All things good and wise, farmers market, Ginger, record player

So here are a few things that I am loving at the moment.

Book of the week:

Blood, Bones and Butter


Snack of the week:

Skinny Pop Popcorn


Breakfast of the week:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal cups


Enjoy. Look for the beauty in your world and please share it with us.