It’s ok to have a C+ Day

Every day I set out to have an A+ day, doesn’t everyone? I mean I have a TO DO list that I want to check off, clients that I want to serve well, meetings I want to kick out of the ball park and family commitments that I want to be meaningful. I don’t ask for much. However, some days having an A+ day just cannot happen.

How to push thru a less than great day

When you are faced with days that are less than an A+ day what do you do?

Everyone had those days for example yesterday was a tough day, as I woke up way too early (4am) and could not go back to sleep. The alarm went off and I needed to hit the ground running, I had appointments at opposite ends of the city and forgot my lunch so I had to settle for a snack at a fast food place. I tried to make a healthy choice but the selection was limited, this added to my already stressful day. Circumstances did me in and made it hard for me to achieve excellent results. So I had to settle for a C+ day.

I had to accept it and move forward.

I had to let myself off the A+ hook and hang my hat on C+.

I had to realize that a C+ day was just one day out of many.

Doing things half-baked was still doing something and not nothing.

I released myself from being on my  A game 24/7

And you know what happened? Nothing. I did what I had to do and learned from my mistakes that day just as I did every other day. I made a contribution to my world like I do on most days, and I survived my C+ day.

When you have a less than great day, how do you push through it?