Three Thank Yous

My daughter was in an accident today. Thankfully she is ok and no one was harmed. We are grateful that she was wearing a seatbelt and that she took care of the recall on her airbags this past summer. These, I believe, saved her life.

These are her words after the accident.

Wearing your seatbelt, airbag, accident


“Say three things you are thankful for before your feet touch the ground”

The Lord’s words were so clear this morning when I woke up. I knew today would be a day of thanksgiving.

After my car flipped, I remember being held so tightly by my seatbelt and wondering if I was alone on that road. Within 1 minute, I was surrounded by civilians who stopped to call 911, direct traffic, call my parents and my work, and just to hold my hand.

Today I am thankful for those people, and for the state trooper that cut me out of my seat belt and pulled me out of my car. For the many officers, EMTs, and firemen who stopped to make sure I was ok.

For my parents and Sean, my boyfriend, who comforted and are still comforting me.

I am thankful for my sore body and the bumps on my head.

I am thankful for a Father who protected me from so many “what would’ve beens” and made sure I knew I was not alone.

Today I began my day with thanking the Lord and I will end it just the same.


What are you thankful for today?