Someday Has Just Arrived 

My life use to be filled with somedays. I would catch myself saying some day I will…. But oddly, that someday never arrived. After lots of disappointments and sorrows, I began to see things differently. I have learned to accept that life is never going to be JUST RIGHT. I need to just take all the gusto from life now and not worry about the future as much.

Someday I will go to Paris

My Someday


Don’t get me wrong, I still save money and plan for the future but I enjoy life NOW. Years ago I read an article from the FlyLady that changed the way I view my possessions and life. Use it now, don’t wait for that rainy day or SOMEDAY, do it today. Enjoy the things you have and forget the future.


One of my favorite quotes come from the Bible in the book of Matthew 6:34 “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  So there you have it. Don’t worry about the future. We have enough fish to fry today.

Do you find yourself saying these things?


Someday I’ll write in that nice journal Someday

Someday I’ll use the good china

Someday I’ll use my new bible

Someday I’ll use the good towels and sheets

Someday I’ll throw a party when my house is clean

When I get enough money I’ll travel.

I’ll give to charity.

When I find the right church I’ll attend regularly

Someday I’ll go back to school

Someday I’ll read that book

Someday I’ll call my dad and tell him how much he means to me.

Someday I’ll visit my best friend in NYC

When I get a bigger house I’ll be more organized

When I get a large kitchen I’ll cook more.


I’ve taken the word  SOMEDAY out of my vocabulary (give or take a few slip-ups). I’ve learned to make things happen that I can make happen. Does that make sense? If I cannot take a European tour with stops in Greece, Italy, France and Spain then I will take a short trip to one of my favorite cities and appreciate the time spent away from work and responsibilities. I will mark in my journal because it’s beautiful and I deserve beautiful things.

I will do what I can to travel and see friends.

I will be cook gourmet meals in my less than fabulous kitchen

I will organize my house because it needs to be organized

I will give what I can to charity

I will throw a party and have fun


What will you do once you remove the word someday out our your vocabulary?