Should you TAKE THE DAY OFF?

We all need a day off here and there. I am in great need of a day away from everything. Problem is that I just don’t plan it like I should. Do you have that problem?  I need to talk you (myself) into doing it.

3 reasons to take the day off from work, all things good and wise, corine sandifer, life coach

Three Reasons to take the DAY OFF

  1. You deserve it
  2. You need it
  3. You will be better after it.

How to Plan it and What to do.

Set and guard the time: Just knowing when you will take the day off sounds glorious to me. when I see that my calendar is empty, I want to kick my heels up and jump on the couch like Tom Cruise! So when you decide that you will take the day off, mark it on your calendar. Put a huge smiley face on it or a huge X to mark it off and guard it. Guard it to yourself. Put it on the calendar and make it important.

Agenda shmenda! Some of us don’t want an agenda because it’s our day off! But some of us want to plan to do something that we have always wanted to do. It all depends on how you want to spend your day. My ideal is to have a plan. I will sleep in after the kids go to school, I will have a chocolate croissant for breakfast, and then I am going to visit that exhibit at the  museum that I’ve been dying to see. You need time away from routine but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for fun.

Find your happy place and stay there all day. If you are most happy getting lost in a bookstore or IKEA, then go there. Or if you enjoy being in your sweat pants, then wear them.  If you are wanting to running around in your favorite jeans and t-shirt, just do it.

And now we must delete these words from our vocabulary for the day: Time. Lazy. I must. Diet. Work. Job. Phone. Commitments.

Tell me about what you do when you take the day off? What makes you happy, peaceful, rested, re-energized, elated, and feeling like you have been renewed?