My Impossible Standards

To say that an author’s written words have resonated with me is an understatement when it comes to Jen Hatmaker’s book FOR THE LOVE. This book and her other books have touched my life in so many ways. She speaks my language folks.

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Just the title alone can penetrate deep into your soul. Fighting for Grace in a world of Impossible standards. Whoa! “Impossible Standards”, no kidding. Our world is so busy trying to make everything perfect that we forget that NO ONE IS PERFECT!

I mean, if we try to portray perfection, no one will relate to us. Sure they may look up to us and pay us a complement for our clean houses and well-behaved children but one day the curtain will get pulled back and everyone will see that the wizard (from the Wizard of OZ) is just a dumpy old man who forgets things. They will see us arguing with our misbehaved children in the car on the way to church. They will see that we fall apart when someone hurts our feelings and the dust bunnies that hop around from room to room.

One of my favorite subjects that Jen Hatmaker covers in For the Love is about parenting. She, like the rest of us are seeing grown kids questioning THE CHURCH. Where are we? Where is God. Her words will help us navigate these and other questions we may encounter as a parent.

For the Love, boyvillemom, allthingsgoodandwise, corine sandifer

I also love how she parents her children. The quote above has been my mantra for the last few years. I don’t want kids who are not prepared to ride the waves of life. Yes, I want them to be wise and not experienced, but I want them to know that getting up after a huge fall (even a moral fall) is possible and that there is victory on the other side. I will share more about Rising up after you Fall in a later post.

Please, please run out and grab a copy of this book. I will be posting a new fb group/book club link soon for you to join so we can read this book together.