Hello Eternal Beings: One Size Does Not Fit All

One day I overheard a lady say that “strong women of faith, who make a difference in the world, spend huge chunks of time praying, reading scripture and serving people”. I know she didn’t mean to dog anyone with her “advice” but I fell hard into a pit of despair after hearing her comment, because I can’t measure up to this standard! I don’t have long periods of time to pray or read right now.

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I guess I fell hard because I truly want to do my best and I felt she was communicating that my best was not measuring up to the standards. Because I don’t spend large amounts of time in one sitting with my bible and praying. I realize she wasn’t saying that, but that is what I was hearing. My deep desire is to walk with God and love others as Christ. But I started to feel un-accomplished and a failure in this area. Maybe there are others who can find large amounts of time to do these things and get closer to God but I am not one of those people. I know, we all have 24 hours in a day. However, some people are better at managing their time, they are more efficient & organized. I imagine that the time “THEY” spend is powerful and that they get lots of great nuggets of truth, while I sit and ask God to bless my family and keep me from being ugly to my husband and kids. Usually there aren’t any supersize nuggets from my prayers.


Some of us have major issues happening in our lives. Small kids, ailing parents, startup companies, husbands who are not as self-sufficient as other husbands, jobs, friends who need us and the list can go on and on. Insert yours here.

But then I realized that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. I am not her and she is not me. We are not robots and we cannot all worship and meditate on scripture all the same way. There isn’t a concrete formula to spirituality with Christ. There is only YOU and GOD.  Your time with Him is HOLY. Your time, however short or long, is SACRED. Don’t discount what happens when you communicate with your MAKER. He is there and you are present, plus HE is ETERNAL, and we are eternal beings, so “TIME” as we view it here on earth is obsolete to Him. Praise God.

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Here are my TIPS for those of us who are on the ALL I CAN DO, IS ALL I CAN DO PLAN

(no pressure)

  • Pray always: in the car, at the kitchen sink, unloading the washer, cleaning the garage, making sandwiches, filling out school papers.
  • Speak fervent prayers as you fill out those back-to-school papers;”Lord, may Thomas have a great year in school and empower his teachers, Amen.”
  • When you come across someone in need, pray right away with them present. You may forget or not have the time later.
  • Listen to Podcasts and/or set your bible app to audio.
  • Take those thoughts captive.
  • Carry a devotion book in your car and read for 1-15 min at a time
  • Close your eyes, breathe and mediate on GOD the father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son
  • No doubt that we can all benefit from longer times in prayer and devotion but let’s not beat ourselves up with someone else’s standards. Let go and cherish the time you get with the creator of the world.


He is worthy. It is all for HIS GLORY. 

You are enough, even without all of those giant spiritual revelations.