5 Office Wear Ideas & How Pinterest Dresses Me

Whenever people compliment me on my outfit I have to chuckle because really and truly, I am not a fashionista. I like shopping but I don’t fully know what I am doing, so I need lots of help in this department. Here are some tips that I follow and how I used a great free online resource to keep me in style.


5  Office Wear Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

  1.  Line up your outfits along with accessories, shoes and bags for the week. Keep them together and hang them in a special area of your closet. Take into account the weather and your schedule for that day. Keep them all on a hanger and then in the morning you just grab n’ go.
  2. When you buy basic pieces (black pencil skirt, Khaki slacks etc..), purchase quality. You will keep these for a while and they will get plenty of used. So make sure they can withstand the wear and tear from use. These going to be your foundations from which to build on. Here are some of my go to items: Khaki skirt and pants, white slacks, black slacks & skirt, houndstooth skirt, dark blazer, white summer blazer or jacket, two cardigans, and a nice pair of dark jeans (no holes).
  3. Buy trendy pieces on the cheap. These items tend to go in and out of style so don’t invest too much for them. Accessories, scarves, purses, and jewelry.
  4. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses. These can be so versatile and is often my go to when I know I will be going from work to an evening out. Adding a nice jacket or sweater for the office can really dress up the look. I may change shoes, or accessories for the evening to add sparkle. I love adding some bling to an outfit for an eying out on the town.
  5. Toss, purge and only keep what you actually wear. This will save you so much time and will actually help you dress better every day. Even if you end up with just a few good pieces, chances are you were only wearing 20% of your clothing 80% of the time. The other items are just taking up space in our closet and in your head when you are getting dressed.

Here are some other fun tips to help you get dressed in the morning

All things good and wise/ Brentwood Life Coach

I turn my hangers the opposite direction at the beginning of each season and if I haven’t turned the hangers (which means I pulled them out to wear)in a month then I toss the item.

Another great tip is that I let Pinterest dress me in the morning. Yes, I do!!. 

All things good and wise

In the morning before I get dressed I may look through the business attire if I’m headed out for a business meeting or if I’m going casual I will do a casual business search. Enter anything in the search bar of Pinterest and add different things like red skirt white shirt, khaki pants with black shirt or blue cardigan with white pants and you will get tons of ideas.

Grab whatever is clean and search Pinterest to help you put it all together. You may have not thought to add a green sweater with those pants but you will see how well it works on Pinterest.

Or, lets say you have a great dress but don’t know how to dress it up or what to add to make it look office ready, add a description on the search bar and you may find great ideas.

Pinterest helps me shop for the right items. I check out my board and find out what I have already pinned. I may already have those khaki pants but need a black shirt and chunky necklace to make my outfit complete. I will check my boards often while I shop. Keeps me focused on what I really need to add to my wardrobe.

I urge you to slim down your wordrobe/closet and find your style on Pinterest and use it to help you put an outfit together in a pinch.