Modern Day Faith and Miracles

16 years ago I found my self in the doctor’s office with news that my chances of having another child were slim to none. The infertility doctor had recommended a permanent solution…a hysterectomy. I had already lost a tube due to a tubal pregnancy and I also suffered with endometriosis. The endometriosis came time after time. It was a crazy cycle of laparoscopic clean out, pregnancy, miscarriage, and back to surgery. I needed a miracle because what my infertility doctor recommended was inevitably the next step.

Allthingsgoodandwise, Modern Day Faith and Miracles

As I sat in her office I felt compelled to put off the surgery because I had just undergone a D & C from my last miscarriage.  I was tired and needed to just live my life away from doctor visits and any medical procedures. It was a strong urge and now I can see that it was part of a much larger plan that I now call a miracle.  

Had a gone through with her timeline and recommendation, the miracle that is walking around today would have never been. Sometimes we don’t understand why we have strong urges to choose something over something else, but I now am convinced that it is a prompting of a supernatural force that pushes to a greater purpose.

Miracles happen everyday, they slip in our lives sometime in a subtle way. At times we just think of them as small decisions or preferences. But I am here to tell you that every decision counts for something. Things just don’t happen in a vacuum. It is all part a grandeur plan.

Less than six months after that doctor visit, I was pregnant with a thriving healthy baby. Don’t discount your instinct, if it is not life threatening, go with your gut.

Modern Day miracles happen when you don’t expect them.

Now, because of this and other miracles in my life, my faith has been strengthened. I trust a mighty creator who knows ME. Who leads me and prompts me in ways that are seldom known to man. I share this faith with others who are in the depths of despair. I have been there, but now I am out and sharing this great news with others.

Infertility, allthingsgoodandwise, Modern day Faith and Miracles

This morning I shared my faith with the lady who brings me my sweet tea at Sonic because infertility is a rough road. And my miracle is 14 and is a testimony for all to see.

Whatever you are facing, know that faith can pull you through those tough times. Modern day miracles happen when we are busy making small decisions in life.

Share one of your Modern Day miracles or faith below in the comment section.