Boyville Mom: Words that multiply

Just so you know, I will be blogging on being a mom, #boyvillemom, of one very dear boy. My son keeps me striving to be a better person,  to live out my faith and one who makes me laugh every day.

allthingsgoodandwise, Boyville mom


Everyday we dialogue with each other, with ourselves and some of us dialogue with our wonderful creator. These dialogues sometimes use words. When words come out of my mouth, I sometimes cringe afterwards. I try hard everyday to speak words that encourage, speak life, and that build people up. However, that doesn’t always happen in my world. Words come out of my mouth that should be shoved right back into my mouth like when newlyweds shove cake into each other’s mouths. Frankly, I sometimes speak harsh words with a certain tone that I am not proud of.

Here is my parenting pep talk to myself concerning words that will live on and bless the hearer.

There is nothing more affirming to a child than to hear their parents brag about how great they are, to another adult. I know you may feel uncomfortable tooting your own horn, but get over it! Because, the results far out weighs the uneasy feelings you may have when you complement your offspring in public. I don’t mean this to be a daily occurrence, unmerited or long-winded stories, just a praise about how you see your son. Let people know very humbly but matter of factually. “Sharon, did I tell you that my son won the 4×400 race the other day? He is such a good runner.”  or “Last week Adam received the perfect attendance award, he loves school and gets himself up every day.” These are words that will multiply in the life of your child. If you do this, chances are that they in turn will learn to complement their children in the future. How do you feel when someone compliments you to someone else?

Words that Multiply will:

Help your child flourish

Give them a sense of security

Affirms their accomplishments

Shows them how much you love them

Spurn them on to greater things

Instills a sense of purpose

Gives them the warms fuzzys

Shows them that you care

We live in a harsh world filled with disappointments. Your words may be the only positive words they hear that day. When they move on and out you want them to be confident in who they are and their talents.

allthingsgoodandwise, Boyville Mom

Your words may be that small voice in their heads when the world hits them head on. Will those words speak good or speak defeat?

Your words will multiply, choose them well.