Who’s at the bottom of your PLATFORM?

“I want to build a platform where I can… ”  Seems like everyone these days, can fill in this blank. I hear this everyday in coffee shops, in meetings, and a lot online. We all want to be noticed for what we do, for what we say and for what we have to offer. But are we ALL building huge stages to stand on? Is it our greatest desire to fill the bottom of our platform with people who will listen to us and buy what we are selling?

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What about those who don’t have a platform or a voice? No one wants to sign up to be a stepping stool for someone else’s grand stage entrance or performance. And what will the outcome be if everyone has their own stage? Who will be at the bottom of these platforms? Our desire to build something great will come at a cost. We will have hundreds of people who are just a number and a follower.

Great leaders lead from the bottom up. 

And why don’t we hear about the same insatiable desire to feed the homeless or walk with those who need our kindness? Are we spending time with those who cannot contribute to our climb to the top? Are we loving and pouring into the lives of those who cannot retweet your latest verbiage or repost your deepest contemplations?

If you have a PLATFORM, are you working at it for the greater good, or are you truly self-promoting for your great good?

Check your motivations here:

Are you taking care of your tribe/people/followers/fans? Are you giving them something that they need or want?

Are you truly seeing those people who hand you a business card or are you just imputing a name into a system? Are you stopping to really get to know that person?

Are you giving of yourself to those who cannot give back or make you feel better about what yourself?

Are you feeding the homeless? Are you taking care of neighbors? Widows? Orphans? The unlovely? Are you spending time with that one guy/girl in your community that no one wants to spend time with?

This shift, I think, takes time to digest and put into action. So If you have anything to offer please leave a comment below. Make a difference in your world today. Step down from the platform and meet those who are left at the bottom. Offer to buy someone a cup of coffee today, someone who cannot help you in any way, someone who cannot promote you. Spend time listening to someone who won’t be taking your picture and posting it on IG or Twitter. It will just be time spent with someone who needs to be heard.

Take a walk around the bottom of that Platform today.