My Week in Pictures

This has been my week in pictures.

Here is my son’s photo of our view from the top of our hill. It is beautiful and it reminds me of my creator because He does great work with sunrises and people like me.

Elias Sandifer,

My work days look a lot like this picture. I am either sitting at a cafe coaching or on the phone/Skype call coaching.


Then I get out sometimes to meet other moms from my son’s school and eat something like this. I must describe this to you. It is a chicken breast pounded thin, seasoned and pan-fried. With peanut butter, Siracha and Thai basil slaw, with grilled brussels sprouts on the side. YUM! Oh momma was it good. Disregard the leftover Tater-Tot Nachos that we (ok, I ate about half of it myself) devoured. Glad I had water to drink, ’cause every calorie counted on this day.


I also witness a lot of love this week. Got a few hugs from this boy and some licks from the canine in this photo. All in all it was a good week.


If you happen to be reading this blog, please send me a picture that says something about your week. You can email it, text it, post on my Facebook, tweet it with this hashtag. #allthingsgoodandwise   Can’t wait to see your life in pictures.