3 reasons why I love Pinterest

I have a confession to make. I tend to hoard magazines. Anyone who has been to my home can see that in the corner of my living room is a huge stack of magazines and catalogs. I only keep Anthropologie and James Avery catalogs when they arrive in the mail. This can cause a problems when you cannot let go of some magazines because you “think” you will use them one day. And so they pile up. I still have a few boxes of them in my garage. But sssshhhh, please don’t tell my husband. I will visit them and run my hand over the pretty pages and place them back in the boxes. Yes, I know, I have a problem. My most pride possessions are the Mary Englebriet ones from years ago. I don’t think she publishes them anymore. I also love my old copies of Domino.


So, why do I love Pinterest so much?

1. I can pin until my heart’s content and not clutter my home. No more magazines (except the ones I have to purge) and no more pages to tear out and keep. Yes, I have a stack of pages torn out of magazines that I refuse to throw away. y’all, I have a problem. Jesus take the wheel.

2. Pinterest helps me dress better. Before I decide what to wear I go to Pinterest and find my outfit ensemble. If I know that I will be wearing my khaki pants today, then I search for khaki pants outfits and see if I have a blouse/shirt to match one of theirs, and viola! I have an outfit to wear to work.

3. If I am hungry I let Pinterest plan my meal. Last week we had some friends over for a cookout and I wanted to make a pasta to go with our grilled chicken. So, of course I checked out Pinterest. And I made the best pasta salad this side of the Mississippi River.

I also use it to help balance me as a decorator. I look for paint colors and how to place mirrors and art work in my home and office.

I also have a huge pin on Pinterest that is sweeping the nation! It has over 1,500 pins and growing. Check it out here and pin it to your own board.

Pin This

BTW, I will keep my Mary Englebriet  and Domino magazines FOREVER and EVER AMEN. Sorry Honey.