3 helpful tips when making a decision

Lately I’ve had some decisions to make and I will be honest, they have not been easy for me to make. It isn’t that they are daunting or extremely important decision, but it is that I sometimes have a hard time making decisions. But I have learned to run it through my pattern.


What are the steps you make when you need to make a decision?

If you are faced with two very good choices how do you discern between the two to arrive at your best choice?

1. Put it all on Paper

I like to take it to paper. I sometime develop a pros and cons page with all the cons on one side of the page and all the pros on the other side. I love seeing it laid out for me to see. Make a spreadsheet or a decision tree. A decision tree is one where you draw a trunk with two or three branches depending on your choices. Name and add details to each branch/choice. This may give you the answer once you see it all on paper.

2. Take your Time

Don’t rush it unless it is time sensitive. Most decisions are ones you can take your time and think about it.  I tell people, “I need to pray about that” and that I will get back with them with my decision. And I do just that.  Many times we hear tiny voices say that if you don’t do it now you will regret it. Sometimes that is true but most of the time you can sleep on it and make the decision at a later date.

3. Play it out

Play it out means that you walk in the shoes of that decision and see where it leads you. Imagine that you have made that decision. I remember a time when I did just that, after a few moments my skin began to crawl. Right then I got my answer. Many times the thought of living in that choice will give you a fresh perspective. Play flip the coin. Decisions are sometimes made when the coin is in mid-air. Your inner voice will say “I hope it is tails/heads” and bam! You will have your answer.

Take the time.

See the outcome in your mind’s eye.

Listen for that guidance from within.

“Where there is no wise guidance, the nation falls, but in the multitude of counselors there is victory”