3 ways to retreat when life gets ugly  

Sometimes life just hits you between the eyes and you want to run and hide. Other times you feel like an eagle who is soaring over a great big city. You feel empowered and ready to tackle anything life sends your way. I choose to live empowered, but every once in a blue moon (no pun intended about blue) I just cannot get there. And I take it as a sign to stop and slow down. I think that maybe it is a warning that I have been going way to fast. Here are some ways to retreat when this happens to you.


Ways to retreat 

1. Grab some munchies and head to a place of solitude. 

I grab my bag of HONEY MUSTARD PRETZELS, a large glass of sweet tea and retreat. You could barricade yourself in your bedroom and turn off all the lights and sleep. Or you could watch endless hours of mindless tv. I know of a famous pediatrician who takes the day off and watches hours of Law & Order. And she doesn’t feel guilty about it. Folks, do what you need to do to save yourselves.

2. Take short breaks throughout the day. 

If I cannot get away I take short sections out of my day and quite my mind. I usually go to a park and take a walk/hike. A short walk outside even during the cold months can really boost your spirit/soul. A visit to a quiet library or museum could help you retreat. Take yourself on a picnic, grab some lunch and sit alone with your thoughts. This is also a good place to cry or talk to God.

One of my friends goes for a long run. This is how she gets “over” her blah days.

3. Plan a weekend getaway.

Don’t runaway from home, but run to a place where no one is depending on you for anything. I bet if you posted on Facebook that you needed a place to get some quite alone time for a weekend, you’d get some offers. 

How do you retreat?

What do you do when life gives you a knock on the head and you are worn out or emotionally crippled?

What gives you strength to fly again? 

We all have different reasons for retreating. Retreat when you need it, as long as you know it should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

If you are a Christian or Jewish, what sense of God do you have when you retreat? Commune with the creator of the earth. Seek Peace during your retreat. 


How do you know when the light comes back?

What is your sign that you are ready to enter back? For me it’s when I desire to enter back to the mundane and simple part of my life.  I start missing my family and maybe even the dog. Then I know, it’s time to re-enter the world. Everyone has a gauge. You will know when you know. Am I right?

Whatever your reason take the time this weekend and do just that. Slow down and do nothing.