5 Tips to Goal Setting

Many times I get asked to explain how to set goals and keep them. So I thought I would share some tips with you. Goals are set when you wish to reach for something is important to you. If it is not important then you don’t give it much thought. You may want to quit smoking or quit a bad habit because you know it is wrong or harmful.

Brentwood Life Coach

Goal setting helps you take control of your life’s direction. It gives you a measuring stick for determining whether you are actually succeeding. However you need to know how to set these goals. You can’t just say “Hey, I want to have $5,000 dollars in the bank by next year. It is a process that begins with great planning and consideration of what you wish to achieve. It ends with a lot of effort and hard work. In between you have specific and well-defined steps to get you to the prized goal.

Ask yourself some of these questions when setting a goal.

1. What motivates me?

2. What will achieving this goal bring me?

3. What obstacles might get in my way?

4. What can I do to remind myself daily of this goal?

5. Who can I share this goal with that will be a support to me and cheer me on?


  Keep in mind that having a plan is important and here is a template for setting goals.
SMART Goal Template
Specific: Make your goal clear and well-defined.
Measurable: Include precise dates, amounts and other ways that will confirm that you have made it.
Attainable: Make sure you can attain this goal. Don’t reach too high but choose one that is too easy either.
Relevant: These should be relevant to the path you wish to take life and career. Stay focused.
Time-Bound: Set a deadline for these goals. Goals must have a beginning and an end.
You have your homework now. Using the above tips, write your goals out today. And then the rubber will meet the road and you will have to work hard to achieve these goals. GET GOING!!!