New Year’s Resolutions, Don’t Bother

Don’t make any New Year Resolutions until you read this.

So many of us make New Year Resolutions and have great intentions to complete our goals and dreams. A resolution is only as good as the resolve, because when the inspiration dies down and old habits return the resolution reaches a point of dissolution.

Brentwood Life Coach

Make a Revolution

Create a plan of action with steps and ways to succeed. A coach can help you do just that. Have you been saying yes to a lot of things that were not a “HECK YES I wanna do that”? Have you been saying no to things that you knew you were really meant to do? It’s time for a revolution.

4 Steps to succeed in your Revolution

1. Set a Target– Ask yourself if; “Is my goal practical?”, “Is it part of my overall life plan?”


2. Steps to Succeed  & Achieve Ask yourself; “What do I have to do and what will I need in order to achieve my goal?” Plan out your actions steps.


3. Time Frame We all work best with a deadline. Set yourself time limits to fulfill your steps in number 2


4. Make Yourself Accountable This is where a coach comes in. Hire a coach to report your progress to and to do follow ups. A coach will encourage and motivate you to continue the Revolution. Declare it publicly. What we pay attention to grows and thrives. This is what makes goal setting, declarations and resolutions a sound strategy.


Pit falls to avoid

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will only set the behavior and attitude change will come from within. For real change to occur in any area of your life or business you MUST actively interrupt your current environment. The bigger the goal or intention, the larger the disruption.

Don’t under-estimate small environment changes. The simplest of changes can make all the difference.

People in your business or life are the biggest structure to re-train, dismantle or get support from. You cannot design an environment that is conducive to your growth without including others.


Start today 

Plan for a New Year Revolution, not a New Year Resolution!

If you are interested in working with a coach to help you get where you want to be in 2015, please fill out the form below and set up a free inquiry call with Brentwood Life Coach.

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