How our family spreads good cheer during Christmas

Christmas is not about us getting gifts or sending cards. It isn’t about going to the mall and shopping till we drop. IT IS about sharing the Christmas story with others and spreading good cheer. So how do we spread good cheer?


Christmas Cheer, Star in the East, Baby Jesus, Wise men


We make small star ornaments and hand them out to random people. Usually we hand them out when we run through the drive thru at a fast food or library, post office, bank. They are usually surprised that we are not giving them something other than our order, books, mail or checks. They usually get a huge smiles and thank us. Many times we give an ornament to  someone from another country. Being that they are new to our country and unfamiliar with our customs and celebrations, we usually stop and explain the gift. This really makes an impact on them and they are so excited to participate in our customs. Imagine bigger smiles on sweet faces.

Being that our Christmas tradition is about sharing the good news of baby Jesus being born we attach a bible verse to our ornament. Matthew 2:2 says “We saw his STAR in the east and have come to worship him.” This is what the wise men said upon reaching the child many years ago.

These ornaments have evolved every year as my kids have gotten older. When they were younger we made them out of paper mache, we’ve made them out of painted wood and one year out of foam star shapes with glitter. As they have gotten older we have purchased the stars ornaments at a craft store and attached the bible verses. It’s the act that counts so, if you don’t have time to make a crafty star then just buy a pre made ornament and go with it.

This has brought our family so much joy and I love that my kids understand that it isn’t all about them.

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