42 items I can’t live without

Don’t know if this will be a good thing or a wise thing, but here goes. I usually forget my grocery lists, and I like to shop at a few different specialty type stores. These stores are not close to my home. So going to these stores and coming home without items that I “can’t live without” or can’t get anywhere else, brings me much pain.

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Don’t Forget

So I have developed a small system of master lists that I keep on my phone. I keep them in my notes section on my iPhone, but you could use a lists app, like Any.do or Task. You can even make a google doc and keep it on your sheets app. Wherever you want to store it, make sure it is with you when you go shopping.

My Lists

These lists are not exhaustive lists. They are lists of things that I always buy at these stores. They are items that are great deals, or items that I cannot get elsewhere. Here are my lists to give you an example of what I am talking about.

Trader Joe’s

*Dog food


*brussels sprouts

*Tuscan Pane bread



*French liquid soap


*rice crisps


*baking powder

*orange chicken

*cookie butter

*Blondie brownie mix



*canned beans

*canned cream of mushroom or chicken

*canned soup


*dog treats

*maple cookies (seasonal)


*baking items ie; flour, sugar, oil, baking soda, salt, spices

*cheeses, eggs, milk & butter (stock up items)



*maple syrup

Dollar Tree

*chicken stock

*light bulbs


*graham crackers


*dryer sheets

*greeting cards

*bar soap & body wash

*toothbrushes & floss

*mailing supplies



*over the counter generic medicines

*foil pans

trader joe's, aldi, dollar tree

I keep adding more items to these lists as I discover more goodies. So if you have something you think I should add to the list please share it with me. Happy Shopping.






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