Hey pretty lady with the pretty nails

What woman doesn’t love manicures and pedicures? I don’t know about you but having my nails painted makes me feel very feminine and pampered. Many times I paint my own nails but sometimes I will treat myself to a manicure. And when I do, it is so relaxing and I feel very peaceful. I sit and let someone clean, shape and polish my nails. Ahhhh when I go there in my mind, I immediately relax. The salon I go to also gives a quick shoulder/neck massage with their manicures. This is such a treat for me.


We all love having our nails done, young, old, short, tall, heavy-set, thin, and women of all ethnicities. We all have this common desire to be pampered. I love how the brides of Indian decent will pause to have beautiful art painted on their hands. I also love to quiet my life and allow beauty to grace my nails.


And if you are lucky enough to go with a friend or two for pedicures, well that is just icing on the cake. All sitting there together basking in the warm waters, getting a scrubbing and having your feet rubbed. Heavenly.

tiny polish

So, I challenge you to take some time this weekend to get a manicure or grab a bottle of nail polish and pamper yourselves.


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