Soccer mom survival

I am officially a soccer mom. Soccer moms have to be ready for any kind of weather. If it’s sunny and hot you bring your umbrella to keep the rays from scorching your skin. If it’s cold you bring your parka and a blanket. Then there are days when the weather can’t make up it’s mind. Those days you layer, layer and pack an umbrella.

But the most important piece of a soccer mom’s wardrobe is of course her shoes. If you have the right kinda shoes the world is a better place.

Cold rain- rain boots (hunter)
Super cold, no rain- warm fuzzy boots(uggs)
Light rain- tennis or sport shoes ( Sport close toe flats or nikes)
Sunny- sandals (Keens)
Hot with wet field- flip flops(havianas)

Good and wise shoe wear, by yours truly.



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