My Texas Grocery List

Stuff I bought in Texas and brought home to Tennessee.

When it’s dinner time in Texas, you really only have three choices: Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, or Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy. I won’t even go into the other fix in’s unless you want to go crazy ’cause you can’t have this yummy stuff.

After consuming the above meals at least two times each, the next thing you need to do is head to an HEB grocery store to stock up on some goodies that will bring a little bit of Texas into your life until you can return to the MOTHERSHIP.


These are some spices that we cannot live without(wink).  Burger House seasoning for home fries and burgers. Really and truly, I add it to just about everything (when my family isn’t looking). Fajita seasoning from Bolner’s Fiesta. It’s made in San Antonio, in other words, it’s bona-fide good. Just add it to chicken breast, bake/grill/broil/saute and you have a fabulous tasting chicken. It’s great on beef too.



Then I found this jar of bits and pieces of jalapeños with cilantro and lime. This one is new to me so I will report back in the comment section after it has been consumed. Hell on the Red cheese dip. We Texans believe that cheese dip should be orange, just like our cheese on our cheese enchiladas. So there. Then I happened upon some single serving salsa cups that were only $1.98 for 4 servings. So I said “Yes, please.” The jar of tiny peppers in a pickle jar is my mom’s home-grown Chile Pequin (known to us as Chile del monte: wild chile).

Texas Monthly, Home-grown Texas, Texas Highways


This pepper is the same as the ones in the jar, only these are fresh Chile del monte picked from her garden. Hotter than hades, it is. I only eat one or two of these with my meal.

HEB (ok, so the only HEB I could get to was under construction and missing it’s B).


I also eat homemade tamales, mexican cookies called Hojarascas, and Whataburger burgers. Yup

So there you have it. Your Texas Grocery List.



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