Finding Time in your Schedule

Time is so precious. Seems like we are all running around trying the fit in the important things and weed out the time suckers. For me, the time suckers are quick checks on social media, picking up after a 13-year-old boy, and miscellaneous trips to the grocery store. I talk to my clients about time management and we make schedules. Sometimes they fight me tooth and nail to get something set in stone. Truth be told, I am the same way, I don’t want to set anything in stone for fear of not having the flexibility to do the fun stuff. However, it does just that, it gives you freedom and peace. It allows you time to really have fun and make you more productive. That Michael Hyatt kinda of productivity. Where you are busting it out.

Finding time, Michael Hyatt kinda time, time flies, brentwood life coach

Many of us would love to learn a language or write a book but we tell ourselves that we just don’t have enough time. There’s no time in my schedule for anything else. So we end up not doing it. What a waste, I know that I have time to spare. Of course I do, since I plop myself down on Friday nights to watch some mindless tv show or sit and watch the videos scroll from my Facebook news feed.

We can find the TIME if we drop the things that don’t bring us any joy or worth.

Let’s do this: let’s find some time this week in our schedules to fit in that one thing that we have always wanted to do. I want to learn how to speak French. I speak Spanish and English and I would like to speak French. So, I have downloaded an app to help me review while sitting in the line to pick up my son from school. I have the time!

Check out this guy who found the time to write a novel. Link here

Love that he found the time, and used it wisely. He fought for that seat on the train so he could write. Let’s fight for our time to do the things we were meant to do in this life.


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