Pizza Night of Goodness

Go out this weekend and eat some pizza. I mean, even when pizza is not the best but only so so, it’s still good! This week I made this yummy pizza. I couldn’t decide weather to add mozzarella or honey goat cheese.

So here’s the non-recipe recipe.

Corine’s All Good Pizza

Use store bought dough(I use Trader Joe’s)

One handful of cherry tomatoes in as as many colors as you can find.

Salt & fresh ground pepper to tast

Minced garlic

A handful of basil (I grow this stuff)

And two handfuls of mozzarella or sprinkled pieces of goat cheese. (Above picture sans cheese)


Stretch out your pizza dough and lather it with olive oil

Slice, dice tomatoes and arrange any way you’d like.

Slice and tear basil in small ribbons and add on top

Sprinkle your spices

Add the cheese

And a bit more olive oil

Bake at 375 in oven or until desire crispness/melty cheese doneness.



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