It’s in the bag

Some women have a fear of becoming a bag lady. Having all of your worldly possessions in a bag or shopping car. All of your important papers and life’s content spilling out of a bag. Well, I’m already there. Since we moved into our new house, just 4 years ago, I have been without a desk for a number of reasons. One being that I don’t have an area that is secluded from my darling hubby’s home office. Our home has that “open concept” floor plan, which means you can hear everything that goes on in every room!

20140725-091701-33421620.jpgThat being said, I have been without an office for a long time. My office is now portable since I meet with clients all around town ( I am a Certified Life Coach). But I would still like to have a desk. Ok, so here is why I am already a bag lady. I shove everything that is my office, school papers, schedules and anything else you can think of IN A BAG. My life is in these bags. I cannot function without these bags. My office is in a bag, ok, maybe it is in more than one bag. My mom stuff is in a bag, I have a gym bag, a beach bag, a library bag, a home school bag, a bag with photos, a bag for wrapping paper & gift bags, a bag for paint colors and home improvement info bag.




My house sometimes looks like a disaster whenever I try to “organize” the contents of these bags. That is when I tell my hubby, “It has to get worst before it can get better”.  I think he is wondering when those better days will get here. I tried to get a picture of my messy bags but my hubby was still sleeping since he worked later than normal and my bags were in the bedroom, so here is a picture of my nice beach bag. I will try to post more pictures at a later date. Not much to see except lots of papers falling out of big bags. This bag concept works for me for a while and I am forced to purge. But sometimes I am happiest on the floor in a sea of papers that I must organize. Takes me back to when I was a little girl playing “office”. I never really liked playing house but I loved playing school or office. Sorry, got lost in my childhood memories there. So, I am thinking of getting a desk and moving into the basement to office there. Stay tuned to see if I actually make the move.


the bag lady



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