Times you should never Multitask

I am a big multi tasker!!!  Is that even a word? I love to multi task when I can. I cook, and listen to books on tape, I watch an episode of my favorite show while I fold clothes, I listen to podcasts while driving to and from meetings, and I say my prayers while I walk the dog. But there are times when we should never multitask.


multitasking, when you should not multitask, multitasking while on the phone

When your son hops in the car and wants to actually tell you about his day, don’t multitask.

When your elderly mother calls and tells you she has been thinking of you, don’t multitask.

When you hold a new born baby in your arms, don’t multitask.

When you get a phone call from a dear friend and she needs a listening ear, don’t multitask.

When your daughter wants to Skype with you from across the world, don’t multitask.

When your husband takes you to dinner, don’t multitask.

All of these events took place in my life this week.

In a world of instant messaging, picture messaging and a million things to do in a day. To do lists that fill up a page, deadlines at work and demands that tug on your brain can temp you to multitask just to survive and stay current in today’s world. One of my friends took matters into her own hands when she took everyone’s cell phones before dinner, to insure that no one was tempted to multitask. I have heard of business people having to stack their phones on the table before a power lunch and the first one to answer his/her phone, picked up the tab.

Be Present.

Be Still.

Be Content with the here and now.

Don’t give in to multitasking when the important stuff comes your way.


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