“No News is Good News”, No it’s not!

“No news is good news”. I really hate that saying, don’t you? When people say this, they are trying to keep you from worrying, but I don’t think it works! When people say No news is good news, I just think about one of my loved ones trapped in their car somewhere down a ditch, unseen by any humans  for days and unable to call and tell me any news.  Don’t laugh, I know you’ve heard those stories too. When they say “no news is good news” you’re just  waiting for the shoe to drop, because no one calls to tell you GOOD NEWS.  People only call to tell you to tell you the bad news and ask for prayer about something sad or horrible.

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This week a friend of mine called, just to tell me some GOOD NEWS. I was ecstatic about it. We had shared her concerns about this matter and we both prayed about it separately. But I went on my day and I figured she would let me know if the matter got worst or  if things stayed the same.  But when she called and told me the wonderful answer to our prayers I immediately became joyful for her, strengthen in my belief of answered prayers and thankful for good news.

Why don’t people call when there is good news? Why is it that we are more aware of bad news but seldom call people when there is good news? We have this CRAZY URGE to spread bad news for some reason. Why? Why can’t we share good news with other people on a daily basis? I want to “catholic school ruler slap” whoever began the trend that we should not brag about our good fortune. I understand not tooting your own horn about all of your accomplishments on a daily basis, but come on, can’t we share some good news with our friends once in a while? I was encouraged all day long from my friend sharing with me about her news.  If I had been in a slump that day, would it have gotten me out of it? I think it might have lighted the day.

The downfall to this is that some people look at their own lives in comparison, when they hear  good news about others. But we should instead be of the mindset that “wow, if that happened to them, then my prayers and desires could be answered too”. Could we just stop and take the high road and celebrate with our friends and become hopeful.   Why does it have to be even all of the time. There is only one GOLD MEDAL in the Olympics, but there are several events and not every athlete gets to be on the top slot on that platform every time. (except for M.Phelps). But your good news is just around the corner. Your event will come and you will be on that platform. Don’t you want someone to jump for joy with you?

My challenge is this: Let’s share good news! Let’s not wait for bad news to make its appearance.

If you are under the age of 25, call your parents and tell them that you are doing great and give them some good news.

If you are enjoying your life and things are going well, call someone who will rejoice with you.

What are some other situations when we should share good news?

You know that little comment section(leave a reply), use it to share some good news with me today.




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