Save Yourselves

My two friends and I are saving money together this year. We decided to save every week following this chart. Every week we stash away a little extra, each of us saving for a special treat. I am saving to have a little extra spending money on our vacation in July. This year I would like to try Paddle boarding. Below is the formula for our weekly savings plan.

52 week challenge

It is called the 52 week money-saving challenge. I am doubling the amount each week because I need to have it by July,  Susan and Erin are doing it as stated above. I keep my money in a mason jar (can’t wait to move it all into a bigger one!) and keep the jar on my bathroom vanity. I keep the weekly plan and pencil to check off the week’s deposit. It is not in the hub of the house, so I am less tempted to dip into it, seeing the form beside it is also a deterrent.


In my search for the plan I found another plan that is done in reverse, I like that one better but, I’m sticking to the original one with my friends for now.

reverse 52 week challengeSo if you want to save up for something special jump on board and start saving. A wise thing.

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