Just you Wait and See

When writers say that they were experiencing writers block, I would turn my head sideways and wonder, “What does that feel like?” I have thousands of ideas and words to share. Well, many blog post later and I am there. Empty. Nothing. Zero. Nil. Zilch. Nada.

A feeling of emptiness and lots of wandering thoughts swimming around in my head, “this must be what they were talking about”. Feelings of what am I trying to say here? Who, what, where do I start. I am empty.  Wandering without purpose.


This feeling reminds me of other feelings of emptiness.

All alone in a huge city.

Abandoned when all your friends have moved on.

You know you don’t fit in.

Inadequate in your job.

You’ve let someone down.

Doing things alone.

I cannot give anymore.

I am spent.

This list can go on and on. Sometimes we tend to camp out here, in the pit of despair. A place that is dark yet the sun is shining. We walk around with hard-shelled shields that keep the joy out, not realizing that this is just the bottom of a valley. The sun goes down behind the mountain, but it is still there.  Love is there. 

Then we are reminded “Just Wait and See”.  That sun will rise again, you will see it. Someone will come by to encourage you, you will gain strength and move on too. Open your eyes to see what is in front of you. You will be energized enough to give some more. That city will become as small as a community. You will see the Sun again.


Just like these trees that have lost all of their beauty, their leaves and buds will come again.  Just you wait and see!

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