We Love Because…

As I ponder the word love, I am curious as to when the word love appears in the Bible for the very first time. When does God utter this powerful word that weighs so heavily that we have a special day to celebrate it every year. Oddly, it was not when he introduced Adam to Eve. You would think that God would insert that LOVE word in there somewhere.  However, the first time  isn’t until  Genesis 22 :2,  when God is talking to Abraham and is used to describe his son “whom he loves”.  What is he teaching us about this word L-O-V-E?


I don’t think it was a coincidence that he spoke the word to describe how a father felt about his son. God always has a plan and is a god of order.The love for a son is a powerful word. He wanted us to understand how great a feeling and emotion it is to love someone. Setting the stage with Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the altar of sacrificial lambs was a foreshadowing of what he was going to do for us. Giving his son whom he loves as a sacrifice for our sins.

It was as if he said see, this is what I’m going to do for you. It is a strong love of a father to his son. When a man has a boy it is as if the man knows that he himself will live on. And that he will carry on his name and a bit of himself into the future. I am certain God had thought it all through like that. He wanted us to make sure that we understood what the word love meant.

What a beautiful picture of love. One of my favorite verses about love is a verse that I had engraved on the inside of my husband’s wedding band.  It is in 1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us.” Even though God did not tack on the word LOVE when he joined Adam and Eve together, He did give us an example of a sacrificial love.

He showed us how to love by giving what was most precious to him. His beloved son.  That is what love is. We love because…


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