The Journey itself

A few weeks ago I began on a journey to remove excess from my life. Following the book by Jen Hatmaker- 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. I set out to find success in my experiment against excess. But what I found was both surprising and fulfilling.


I believe that when you set out to do something good for yourself or for others, there are always obstacles. Those obstacles can do one of two things, they can make you stronger and wiser or they will EAT YOUR LUNCH!

My first two weeks of eating only seven food items went swimmingly, I felt full, satisfied, and my mind was clearer.  Entering the next week, I compromised and ate something off the list. But I refused to make any more allowances and pushed onward.  That week was tough, I came down with something and was weak. I pushed on and allowed myself time to heal.  I got right back on the horse, but fell off again. The will power was there but my flesh/body was weak. I allowed disappointment to beat me up and make me feel bad.  What was all of this about, if I could not go to the end. You don’t get a medal for going 25 miles of a marathon, you must complete the 26.2 miles. 

But then I realized that sometimes it is the willingness to begin the journey and the journey itself that is important. Finishing is always the primo goal, but sometimes you cannot get there. My journey is not over yet, but I believe that sometimes you do not have to cross that finish line to learn things about yourself and accomplish something great. Have I told you that I like to run 5k and half-marathons?

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