Making Allowances

Implementing new habits, routines and steps all begin with great intentions.  You set a goal and you go about 3 days, you feel good about yourself, life seems under-control, and you feel empowered.  Then you come down off of that high and reality hits you hard.  It begins slowly, just when you think “I’ve got this”, you go into that valley of compromise.

good resolution

We compromise when we believe that we have it under our belt, or when we are weak. Sometimes we sabotage our own success by letting the little foxes into our routine.  Those little foxes have a name and that is making allowances.  You begin by saying “just this once…”, and then we take it a step further. Before we know it, we are making slipping and making compromises left and right. Then we have a hard time staying on track, we feel weak and we let our guard down. We start making allowances. We slack, feel guilty and then our goal seems unattainable.  Those allowances end up killing our will power and stamina. Here are a few tips to help you get back on the wagon.

3 Steps to keep you on track 

Step 1  Regroup and re-evaluate your goal and see if you have over extended yourself. It is ok to make adjustments, make conscious changes that will help you stay on track.

Step 2  Review your progress.  Write down what you have already accomplished and enjoy the success. Don’t sell yourself short, you are further down the road than if you had never started.

Step 3  Reach out to someone who will encourage you to press on.  They may be the key to help you stay focused. You can also join online support groups to keep you accountable.

I invite you to share your success stories (big & small) in the comment box below.

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