Thought I would write about my week as I am in my first week on a new journey with Jen Hatmaker and her book 7: an Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.


I know why Jen Hatmaker included the word experimental in her book title, it is definitely an experiment. There is a hypothesis and an outcome, or in my case do this and see what comes out!  The premise of the book is to get rid of excess in every area of your life to live meaningful and purposeful lives for Christ.

The first chapter begins with food. She chose 7 foods to eat for the entire month.  I chose 7 foods too.  Here are my seven: Chicken, whole wheat breads, potatoes, apples, avocados, eggs and leafy greens.  I allowed all leafy greens as one , and all potatoes to count as one.

What I have learned so far:

Food had a huge place in my life. It has been placed where it needs to be  because of this journey.

I find myself thinking and praying for those in the world who only have one kind of food to eat, like rice or porridge.  A no frills menu is what huge percentage of the world’s population eat on a daily basis. “I can do this” I tell myself, when I have to eat another piece of dry bread or dry chicken breast.

Cooking food is a hobby.

Eating food is for nourishment.

I miss cheese.

I can function and survive on very little and still feel satisfied.

If the sweet potato was the only food left to eat on this planet, I would be seeing Jesus faster than you can say Sweet Potato Fries.

I am more determined than I thought.

My body is fed but my taste buds  miss the excitement.

What 7 foods would you choose to eat for 30 days?

2 thoughts on “Experimental

  1. Good job on sticking with your experiment, even when it’s hard and you want to give up! You’re over halfway there, so you can do it for 14 more days! I think you made smart choice of what foods to eat and I think I would choose similar ones, especially if I was supposed to choose foods that would be a sacrifice for me. I’m going to say it again . . . you can do it!

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